Anna University, Chennai Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Eighth Semester EC Mobile Adhoc Networks. ADHOC NETWORKS PPT – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /. pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File Introduction ` History ` Mobile Ad-hoc Networks ` Infrastructure based Networks and Infrastructureless Networks. . Adhoc Question Bank EC VTU 8TH SEM CSE ADHOC NETWORKS NOTES 10CS EC / EC Mobile Adhoc Networks May / June Question Paper ECE 8th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and Communication.

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Mention any four qualities of service metrics that are used to evaluate the performance of the network.

Guarantee of correct route discovery 3. Scheduling of packet loss and rate of transmission 5. Skip to main content.

notew Reservation confirm phase 4. Objectives and methods of Control Control of Networks: Ad hoc networks are widely used in a. The routing protocols may also be categorized as follows: Ad Hoc Network Introduction. Some indoor propagation models are: Define — Indoor Propagation Model Indoor propagation model is defined as the model which is used to characterize radio propagation inside the buildings.

The mechanisms used in the MAC layer are 1. Routers move randomly free. It represents signal attenuation as a positive quantity measured in db.


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The protocol optimizer interacts with the existing stack through the tuning layers. What is the need for cross layer design? The issues of designing a MAC protocol for ad-hoc networks are a Bandwidth efficiency: Mathematical background for control of networks. Hybrid Protocols attempt to take advantage of best reactive and proactive schemes. Reflection causes a phase shift of shadowing. Protocol boosters can perform adaptation procedures towards upper layers and lower layers, assisting the process of information exchanges between various layers without a need for actual protocol format changes, leading to improved system performances.

Propagation model which is used to predict received signal strength, when the line-of-sight path is unobstructed between transmitter and receiver is called free space propagation model. IPv6 – Neighbor discovery, auto-configuration, routing. The different types of netwirks are 1. Eliminate all but one of the contenders if more than one sender has moblle current priority.

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks – .

Why does an AP in wireless network act as a bridge? Increase of mobile applications, Changes to the network topology, Need of extreme network flexibility. The distance covered is much smaller.

Hidden terminals are nodes that are hidden or not reachable from the sender of a data transmission session, but are reachable to the receiver of the session. Proactive Reactive 1 Route is pre-established Route establishment is on-demand Route discovery by some global 2 Continuously discover the routes search Updates topology information table 3 No information update is done periodically longer delay due to latency of route 4 No latency in route discovery discovery Large capacity is needed to update 5 Large capacity is not needed network information A lot of routing information may May not be appropriate for real-time 6 never be used communication 7 Eg: Secure routing is done on wireless channels by having secure routing protocols which support 1.


Reservation request phase 2.

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This protocol invoke a route determination procedure only on demand. The services provided by IEEE List the types of Random Access protocols and Collision Resolution protocols. TCP in ad hoc networks becomes a problem due to a Misinterpretation of packet loss b Frequent path breaks c Effect of path length d Misinterpretation of congestion window e Asymmetric link behavior f Uni-directional path g Multipath routing h Network partitioning and remerging i Use of sliding-window-based transmission 7.

List the challenges faced by WLAN industry. An ad hoc network is a multihop, infrastructure less ec205 which has no centralized server to control the communication between the nodes and resources cannot be reserved beforehand.

How does energy aware routing work?