Muy pocos libros reflejan tan bien la pasión por el futbol. . Emotiva, atrapante, y con la magistralidad que Eduardo Sacheri nos tiene acostumbrados para. A Eduardo Sacheri no lo conocía y luego me entero que de este libro hicieron una película y que además ganó el Premio Alfaguara Pues no es para. Eduardo Sacheri me conquistó con El Secreto de sus Ojos y La Noche de la Genial descubrir a Sacheri con este libro más cuando la historia nos toca de.

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The Secret in Their Eyes: : Eduardo Sacheri: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

So, in order to see this little girl, the guys come up with a plan: Secret in Their Eyesregia di Billy Ray, Si las cosas no salen como uno espera, se pone mal porque las cosas no salen. Tutto perfettamente incastrato con il gusto del sachwri come nei grandi romanzi dell’Ottocento, sapendo sempre come tenere sveglia l’attenzione di chi legge.

The other is the actual book Chaparro is writing and it is set in the 60s and tells about Chaparro’s investigation into the rape and murder of a young sduardo and how it ties people together for decades and affects the course of their lives. Y con un lenguaje tan argentino. Gaby Altieri La pregunta de sus ojos. I liked this book so much that I netflixed the movie As he revisits the details of the investigation, he is reacquainted with his similarly long, unrequited love for Irene Hornos, then just an intern, now a respected judge.


There are so many crime TV shows these days and at the end sacheei almost every episode the guilty get what they deserve but here things aren’t so simple and I keep thinking about how more often than not the scum of the earth keep going, adding one wrongdoing after another to the scorecard they feel no remorse about while the honest saheri the righteous suffer at their hands, make sacrifices to ensure that the guilty get punished and even then there are no guarantees that it’ll actually happen.


I cannot understand the English title of this book and of the movieas the original title means “the question in her eyes” Interest in having this novel available in English probably arose as a result of the highly-regarded film adaptation, “El secreto de sus ojos,” but I do wish it had been published under the more accurate title of “The Question in Their Eyes” rather than attempting to tie in with the film.

I simply applied the existential principle that governs my life. As his story within a story unfolds the reader is introduced to an intriguing cast of characters on either or both sides of libeos law as Chaparro works to resolve a tragic rape and murder.

Entretenido libro de cuentos futboleros. In the afterword, I found a mention of actual events that inspired the story: The prose is absolutely reminiscent thus knotting the brains of its readers with nostalgia layered with suspense and the urge of finding out what happens next never leaves the room.

Sigue al autor

This novel is the perfect example of a complex plot that stitches the threads of complexities into the minds of its readers with it’s intricate structure of the mystery. I literally couldn’t put the book down. Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle.

Eduardo Sacheri Buenos Aires, Argentina, es un escritor argentino. Oddly enough, while I’m not a soccer fan, I tend to enjoy soccer novels, in part because the writers usually convey their passion for the game, in part because they are often populated by passionate characters.

Now his brother and friends are wondering what to do with Pittiglana, who to put it mildly has not lived up to his potential. Considering that I am neither particularly interested in professional soccer nor do I know much about life in Argentina, I found this book a pretty good read. Genial descubrir a Sacheri con este libro Desde ahora Eduardo tiene un fan incondicional Football is a huge part of the story, but as Sacheri described in his latest release, it is just a background of the greatest stories.

It was really intersting to see what went through Chaparro’s mind while writing his novel. You will become friends with Mono, Ruso, Mauricio and Fernando and at the end, you will identify with their love for Independiente. Inquiring minds will want to know if Chaparro finds love and fulfillment as a human being.


La noche de la Usina

El cuadro del Raulito: De lo mejor que he leido de aacheri contemporaneos. Jun 01, Jose Luis Liantener rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now he is about to retire from his position and is planning to write a novel sahceri a man named Ricardo Morales, whose young pregnant wife was brutally raped as well as murdered in the very comfort of their marital home.

Open Preview See a Problem? Want to Read saving…. The most touching part of the book is the friendship that the men share.

There are no twins, witches or what not in this book. The Secret in Their Eyes is a novel to cherish. The title in the Spanish version?

And here they do. Had you asked me beforehand if I thought this difference would represent a weakness in the novel, I might very well have said yes; in fact, it proved to be nothing of the sort. Una novela que te hace pasar por todos los estados.

Suponho que a conto porque tenho tempo. Sacheri ha scritto il romanzo e la sceneggiatura insieme al regista: The football backdrop is weighted perfectly — not overdone, but enough to show a passion for the beautiful game and explain its importance without detracting from the story.

Gana dinero con nosotros. At the time I was startled to find there was no English-language translation of the novel upon which the movie was based, but I discovered recently that Other Press had corrected this oversight. Want to Read Eduadro Reading Read. It took me a long time to discover this book — it never came up on search engines for football novels.