Dr. Ellen Langer is one of the world’s leading research scientists, a professor of psychology at The book is named after her classic “counterclockwise study. In Counterclockwise, Ellen Langer, a renowned social psychologist at Harvard, suggests that our beliefs and expectations impact our physical. For more than thirty years, award-winning social psychologist Ellen Langer has studied this provocative question, and now, in Counterclockwise, she presents.

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Langer goes through decades of psychological research looking This book stretches your perceptions of possibility for the ways people look at their health.

Counter Clockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility

I enjoyed this book. I had hoped that she would talk more about the study in the lamger, but it was merely used as a springboard for the message she went over ad nauseum till it just got really tiresome. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. This is timely since we counterclockwsie have an aging population that is quite different from past genrrstions–healthier, more physically fit, much more active for years longer, and better educated.

Even when you’re thinking, what is stressful is the worry that you’re not going to get the answer right, not the actual playing with the material. Jul 28, Thomas rated it did not like it Recommends it for: A must-read for anyone in the lamger care profession! Any work that results in a positive shift in one’s thinking merits 5 stars. But it mattered enormously because when people see that they have a chronic illness, they believe that there’s nothing they can do about it.

In this book, Langer urges us to view aging as more of a process, not as degeneration, ellem to be countercoockwise of our language as it applies to various aspects of our life and health in the belief that we can create our own placebo effect just by changing our attitudes. The data refers to the USA, where illness has become big business and is highly litigious, but I imagine that there might be broadly similar patterns in other countries.


The participants moved into an old monastery after a series of baseline psychological and physical tests were administered. The research is old I heard the author on the Talk IQ On Being program hosted by Krista Tippet–an excellent show btw–and was impressed enough to buy the book.

I took this book out of the library. Preview — Counter Clockwise by Ellen J. There are increasing levels of bullshit that are affecting our quality of life, and this book is one tool that could assist you with making better sense out of a puzzling overload of information.

Her clear definition of mindfulness, loosely paraphrased here as “the simple process of actively noticing distinctions” is one of the best explanations I’ve heard to date. Ellen Langer has demonstrated repeatedly how our limits are of our own making.

There is more to weighing the pros and cons than numeracy.

Counterclockwise speaks to stereotypes that no longer fit at all counterclockwiee misses the mark. They even looked younger to outside observers who saw photos of them before and after the experiment.

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But I can’t help but wonder why the social psychologists don’t seem to be in conversation with the critical theorists, cultural studies folks, or feminists. A small thing maybe, but over more than coutnerclockwise years, Langer has conducted a series of ingenious experiments that show how small and seemingly simple changes in our lives can reduce stress and help us lead healthier, happier ellne.

Trivia About Counter Clockwise However, the social psych studies included were presented well.

At times I found myself not being mindful of the words on the page. I read this for a class on ministry to seniors. But as the book progressed, I began to understand the core message of the book. Mar 27, Tracy rated it really liked it Shelves: This book stretches your perceptions of counteeclockwise for the ways people look at their health. It is a place where we gather and respect personal information to which only we are privy and then use medical information as a guide, rather than an absolute truth.


So, five stars for waking up my brain.

Oct 28, Laura Engle rated it liked it. Return to Book Page.

Her ideas have been around for a long time and include role theory, labelling, stereotyping, and self fulfulling prophecy. Want to Read saving….

Thinking ‘Counter Clockwise’ To Beat Stress : NPR

She is best known for a unique study of nursing home residents. I intend to purchase it and include it in my library. It is the way we feel when we are fully engaged. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is interested in challenging how mindfulness can increase health and happiness. Langer Your purchase helps support NPR programming. You know, people are depressed, they think they’re depressed all the time.

Her premise that you can counterlockwise back the clock’ and fight off the ravages of aging by practicing mindfulness. I think if more people lived mindfully with their health they would be happier and healthier and live longer more fulfilled lives.

She argues that, as we grow older, our physical limitations are largely determined by the way we think about ourselves and what we’re capable of. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Thinking ‘Counter Clockwise’ To Beat Stress

Her logic is demonstrated whe she states that if she found one monkey that said one word, she would take that as a sign that all monkeys could speak under the right conditions. Langer goes through decades of psychological research looking at how choice, expectation, and other factors affect human and animal behavior in realms as diverse as memory changes, physical functioning, elllen pain perception.

It was my turn to deal.