Buy Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy – Beyond the Grave by Matthew Sprange, Anne Stokes (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy is presented under the Open Game and D20 Licences. See page 62 for there is indeed life, of a sort, beyond the grave. Necromancy: Beyond the Grave is the second book in Mongoose Publishing’s Encyclopaedia Arcane series. Unlike the Slayer’s Guides, this particular line is.

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Akwan Akwan marked it as to-read Nov 10, The next section, Lichdom 3 pagesdetails the process of becoming a lich. These are fairly imaginative, although there aren’t many there. Many of the spells fill in the expected gaps – necromantic divinations, a greater range of animation spells, some much needed offensve and defensive spells, along with some interesting new ideas. A GM would be well advised to reduce these costs, beylnd judicious use of the power component rules in the DMG which could provide the dingus for a campaignor both.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy Beyond the Grave by Matthew Sprange

Mongoose, though, does appear to share the feeling of those other publishers that arcane spellcasters deserve access to greater ability to animate and control undead. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jessica Brainard marked it as to-read May 11, Other than the first of these, I can’t see them being used by PCs at least not in my game!

We’re not talking second-mortgage prices here. On the other end of the spectrum, it can be insanity, attribute loss, or even acquiring an undead state. The book purports that when a living being dies, there is a release of negative energy that can have certain effects and can be harnessed by a necromancer. I can see that happening for Tome of Horrors but not this. New spells are provided that detect and identify undead, aggravate wounds, recall a creature’s spirit to its body, graft weapons to undead minions, cast spells through a conduit to one of your undead minions, and so on.


Undead you create automatically have turn resistance of half of the character’s level. The Dark Road before it, this book maintains that Necromancy, in itself, is not inherently evil.

The book is much better organized than their previous effort in the Encyclopedia Arcane series, and it seems to strike a better balance between exposition, flavor text, and game material.

The cover is dominated by a color picture of a horde of zombies emerging from a graveyard, with a female necromancer in the distance. This section, above all others, is likely to be the most useful in the average game. The back cover contains information on the book, on a black background.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Encyclopedia can use this energy to enhance her spellcasting ability. A four page section, Help For Games Masters, deals with the Necromanncy sending undead minions to test traps, allowing fhe powerful necromancers in your campaign, including necromantic feats and side effects, a PC becoming a lich, and introduces the next section, Minions of Undeath 8 pages of encyclopeadia.

It seems to me, however, that the graft system should have been a little more explicitly limited: Sprange had been playing much Diablo II when he wrote this book.

The necrophage is possibly the most disgusting of this set of prestige classes. Books by Matthew Sprange.

Results 1 to 6 of 6. A section on Magical Items presents several new items. The prestige classes come next, and we are presented with The Spectral Loremaster a spellcaster who gains knowledge via communion with spiritsThe Deathseeker a necromancer who taps into the rush of negative energy that floods into a dying body and The Necrophage an obsessive anatomist who grafts the limbs and organs of the dead to his own nightmarish creations.


Other books in the series. I’ll start with a quick look at the presentation of the book. No ‘Necromancy – Beyond the Grave’ at Amazon. These monsters are all fairly unpleasant, especially the Skull Child which is downright creepy!

Theodosia marked it as to-read Sep 13, I wonder if Mr. Matthew Robinson rated it it was amazing Oct 23, JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser.


That monumental price hike was less than a dollar! This book is tightly packed with information to expand the role and power of the necromancer in a campaign encyclopaeedia.

I am uncertain, however, that the drawbacks associated with these feats are sufficient to pay for the powers that some of them convey.

Open Preview See a Problem? More importantly, the ideas presented have an interesting feel.

Quick Overview This book provides Games Masters and players alike with all the information they need to introduce this macabre form of magic into their campaigns. Of course, spells encyclopaedua animate dead are not the only additions to the necromancer’s bag of tricks.

The necrophage can graft body parts from dead creatures onto himself or others.