An extended documentation could be found on Enfuse reference manual. Other programs using Exposure Fusion: tufuse and PTGui Pro. The Enfuse reference manual for the most recent version in different formats can be found on (as can that for. enfuse man page. enfuse — manual page for enfuse force COLORSPACE for blending operations; Enfuse uses “CIELUV” for images with ICC-profile and.

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I invite you to visit the Enfuse website for more information.

enfuse (1) – Linux Man Pages

Therefore it is much simpler to use and allows the creation of very large multiple exposure panoramas. Sets the relative weight of high-contrast pixels.

msnual An exposure series is a set of images taken with identical parameters except for the exposure time. Adjust how much importance is given to each criterion by setting the weight parameters on the command line. A focus stack is a series of images where the distance of the focal plane from the sensor varies.

This is a donationware product. The Panels The ‘Configuration’ panel. I encourage you to experiment perhaps using downsized images for speed. Ardeshir Goshtasby proposed a technique to select and blend only well exposed blocks and Erik Krause provided a photoshop action to smart mask badly exposed areas.

An extended documentation could be found on Enfuse reference manual. Some cameras even provide special functions to automate recording exposure series. On that site you will find the 3. The weight sliders control the blending of the images, giving more or less importance to exposure, saturation or contrast. Payments may be made via Credit Card or PayPal, and are securely processed via our emfuse partner – Paddle. If an input image does not have an alpha channel, Enblend warns and assumes a mask of all non-zero values, this is, it will use every pixel of the input image for fusion.


Set the size of Enfuse’s image cache. This improves the sharpness of focus stacks considerably. Note amnual some multi-processor PC configurations are not compatible with the multi-processor support offered by Enfuse, and various obscure error messages may be generated such as a problem with the side-by-side configuration. For the concept of enfuae weighting and details on the different enfkse functions see Weighting Functions.

Enfuse reference manual

During the analysis Enfuse scans the local analysis window across all rows and all columns 4 of each of the input images to compute the contrast weight of every pixel. Focus Stacks — Depth-of-Field Increase.

The solution to this dilema is image stacking! Obviously, the variance of is the expectation value of the squared deviation from the expectation value of itself.

enfuse – manual page for enfuse – Linux Man Pages (1)

Enfuse offers the photographer tremendous flexibility on fusing differenly exposed images. Increasing this weight makes pixels with neighboring differently colored pixels contribute more to the final output.

Blend a series of images where the focus point is difference in order to create an image with a greater depth of field – this is a common approach when creating a macro image. Sometimes it is helpful to manually modify a mask before fusion. Like some time ago in the chemical days of photography a new developer opened unseen possibilities for artists, exposure fusion extends a photographer’s expressive space in the digital age.


These weights determine how much a given pixel will contribute to the final image. This simplified process often works much better than tonemapping algorithms. Image staking allows you to take a lot of shorter exposures and combine them for a longer total exposure time with star mnual. Clearly, the only way of capturing this scene with long star trails was to utilize image stacking.

A Burt-Adelson multiresolution spline blender 2 is used to combine the images according to the weights. However, saturation weighting is not limited to grayscale data. The default is MB.

The following subsections describe the concept of weighting and all weighting functions in detail. Standard deviation of the gaussian weighting function from 0 for the exposure criterion only. The moonlight and depth of field required an exposure of 4 minutes at f.

This idea is not quite new. Enfuse solves this problem by using the multi resolution spline blending technique well known from enblend and smartblend – and it is actually this step which is responsible for the wonderful results.

Enfuse – Wiki

As has been noted in the Overview see section OverviewEnfuse supports four different types of weighting. All delimiters may be mixed within any option. The most prominent method in this class is dark-frame subtraction.

If the masks of all input images are black at a certain position, the output image will have a hole there.