ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) is a motherboard configuration specification developed SFX; TFX; WTX; AMD GES; 5 EPS12V ATX also made the PS/2-style mini-DIN keyboard and mouse connectors Power Supply Design Guide, v ยท EPS12V Power Supply Design Guide v Insignia W ATX12V /EPS12V Power Supply: Designed to power select computers; W continuous power; ATX12V /EPS12V Specifications. We’ll answer PSU spec questions of modular vs. non-modular PSUs, EPS12V vv The EPS (Entry-level Power Supply) standard is.

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Archived from the original PDF on October 21, Earlier computers requiring 3. In order to supply large amounts of low-voltage power to the Pentium and subsequent microprocessors, a special power supply, the voltage regulator module began to be included on motherboards.

Archived from the original PDF on For instance, ATX 2. The gains of using an efficient power supply are more substantial in computers that use a lot of power. Testers can confirm the presence of the correct voltages at each power supply connector.

ATX – Wikipedia

This is a minor revision from August This is a minor revision from June The main issues to consider are the following:. In ATX-style systems, the front-panel power switch provides only a control signal to the power supply and does not switch the mains AC voltage. Some power speec have no-overload protection. For some power supplies the repeated restarting is audible as a quiet rapid chirping or ticking emitted from the device. Introduced in April a month after 2. When the power factor correction PFC was required, those filter capacitors were replaced with higher-capacity ones, together with a coil installed in series to delay the inrush current.


This article is about the computer form factor. Several direct-current voltages are required, and they must be regulated with some accuracy to provide stable operation of the computer.

The connector pin pitch is 4. Efficient power supplies also save money by wasting less power; as a result they use less electricity to power the same computer, and they emit less waste heat which results significant energy savings on central air conditioning in the summer.

The CE mark is required for power supplies sold in Europe and India. Although these boards have room for additional expansion slots 9 and 8 total, respectivelyall three provide only seven expansion connectors; the topmost positions are left vacant to provide more room for the CPU, chipset and associated cooling.

When the switch on the power supply is turned off, however, the computer cannot be turned on with the front power button. The current limits for each group of cables is then documented so the user can avoid placing too many high-current loads in the same group. Views Read Edit View history. Here width refers to the distance along the external connector edge, while depth is from front to rear.

Power supply unit (computer)

Although a power supply with a larger than needed power rating will have an extra margin of safety against overloading, such a unit is often less efficient and wastes more electricity at lower loads than a more appropriately sized unit. The requirement was later deleted from version 2.

For these cards, supplementary power was delivered spc a standard 4-pin peripheral or floppy power connector. ATX uses one large, keyed connector which can not be connected incorrectly.


Power supply unit (computer) – Wikipedia

For a description of the potential problem, a 3. High-performance video card power demands dramatically increased during the s and some high-end graphics cards have power demands that exceed AGP or PCIe slot capabilities.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The latest specification is v2. Newer PFC circuits also replace the NTC -based inrush current limiterwhich is an expensive part previously located next to the fuse. Most desktop personal computer power supplies are a square metal box, and have a large bundle of wires emerging from one end. Some of these PSUs use two different chokes, feeding the to the 3. If using an ATX PSU for purposes other than powering an ATX motherboard, power can be fully turned on it is always partly on to operate “wake-up” devices by shorting the “power-on” pin on the ATX connector pin 16, green wire to a black wire groundwhich is what the power button on an ATX system does.

Various initiatives exist to improve the efficiency of computer power supplies.

Power supply unit computer. Diagram of a typical XT and AT voltage regulator circuit. On the back of the computer case, some major changes were made to the AT standard. The switched-mode supply uses a ferrite-cored high frequency transformer and power transistors that switch thousands of times per second.