Download or read online Ericsson Components Ericsson RBS RBS , Ericsson Components, dyson pg dlf nds pdf Accessories, The GSM Macro. Manuals and User Guides for Ericsson RBS We have 2 Ericsson RBS manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, Hardware. View and Download Ericsson RBS reference manual online. RBS Accessories pdf manual download. Also for: Rbs

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RBS ericason, RBS Reference Manual Due to continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing, the contents of this document are subject to revision without notice. Orders can be placed through any local Ericsson company, or alternatively, on the Internet. For support on issues related to the Extranet, Tel.: The severity of these requirements is in conformity with: IEC class 2C2. Accordingly, this means that the surrounding temperature is allowed to change within the limits while the RBS still operates and has its own loss of energy.

The RBS shall be designed for a power loss of max. This applies both to installation and ericdson. Deviations shall be reported.

Safe function during seismic exposure. Figure 3 An example of an RBS servicing a three-cell site 4. This depends on factors such as implementation in different cabinets. The ASU is optional equipment. It can handle up to four transceivers on two antennas. RBS cabinet is limited to three in this case.

It has a built-in combiner with the optional possibility of combining two TX signals into one TX output.

Ericsson RBS 2106 Manuals

This has both heating and refrigeration. This provides heating, and cooling through forced convection. It has no refrigerating capacity; the cabinet cannot be cooled erlcsson a temperature lower than that of the outside ambient air.

The DF protects equipment inside the RBS from overvoltage and overcurrent which may occur in external lines. Note that the door, which is mm deep, is not included in the footprint, as it does not reach down to the ground. Distance between holes is identical to that ericssson RBS Ranges for both climate unit types are given in the table below. Connection diagrams for various types of AC mains are given in: Product Data RBS 5.

The other slot connector in the OVP module can be equipped with several options: Only alternating current AC mains supply is used. The location within the cabinet of major units for the power supply system is depicted below. BFU also provides prioritized power supply that can be used for example for transmission equipment.


It should be noted that battery back-up is optional in the RBS For more information on CDU cabling, see: PA Fricsson 44 Ericssoj connections RBS can be cascaded; that is, time slots which are not used by one base station are sent forward – cascaded – to the next base station on the same BSC transmission line.

The cable from the previous and to the next base station in the chain is connected through four PCM cables. The following is a list of the most common equipment on a radio site, divided into function groups: The conductor area can be 6 — 10 mm and cable diameter can be 4.

Only one dTRU can be connected to each antenna. The door projects 50 mm in front of the cabinet. Fully equipped cabinet incl. The cable set is available in two versions, 7 m and 15 m. The DXU is equipped with four transmission ports. Two types of transmission network standards may occur: RBS can ericssonn cascaded.

The battery fuse unit determines which conversion kit should be used: The batteries are for stationary use. They are a sealed lead-acid type, with valve ventilators.

Electrically, the DXU consists of the following main blocks: Power on reset 7. Unused time slots can be through- connected to a succeeding base station. Optional Input This interface enables connection of up to eight internal cabinet signals, such as alarms. These inputs are accessed through the upper backplane connector. The OMT interface is used for maintenance and supervision purposes. The signal is sinusoidal shaped and is suited for a coaxial cable load of 50 Connectors The test interface has an SMB connector.

The CXU has six different switches. TMA is not working properly. An indicator on the front panel is lit for each TMA in operational mode. Current per output 1 – 6 Max.

The ASU connector panel is protected by a protective plate when used. This is mounted above the CXU. Rvs plate prevents heavy objects from hitting against connectors that may be damaged otherwise. There is one alarm signal for each fan. The alarm circuit is normally closed.

An open circuit indicates that the fan rrbs is too low. The fan has an open collector interface. The output current increases to a maximum of 60 A even in the event of short circuits. The Rricsson has no backplane connections. Output Filter Filters the output voltage is to prevent unwanted signals from being radiated from the PSU.


The PSU has a default value of Four cables to the PSUs Provides a Service Outlet for instruments and tools. The SM provides self-detection of internal faults and stores them in non-volatile memory. TM supply 40 A TRU 1 – 6 Climate unit The climate unit is mounted in the door of the cabinet.

RBS can be equipped with two types of climate units: Unit Description, RBS Climate Unit Heater The heater is placed in 21066 internal air circuit and heats the air if the ambient temperature is too low for start up. The inside air that has passed the heat exchanger is blown through the evaporator, cooled and returned to the cabinet subracks.

After the test has been completed, the indicators will present the status during two minutes. No alarm is sent if there is a malfunction.


TDMA structure and with the timing of the cell. Supported logical channels GSM: The RBS changes System Information message type for every transmission occasion according to the table below. Retransmission of Messages below are sent at the same priority level as described above. Multiplexing of bursts into TDMA frames is performed according to: Idle pattern is transmitted. RBS measures the difference in time between reception from Air interface and transmission to PCU, and performs necessary adjustments.

The procedure runs autonomously as long as the GSL is active. Full rate data 9. Full rate speech, GSM speech alg. This function measures the delay of handover access burst received by the RBS and sets the Timing Advance.

The Physical information shall be repeated. If no correct frame is received from the MS, transmission of Physical information shall be repeated.

ARFCNs used in a frequency hopping sequence A maximum of 64 frequencies can be used in the hopping sequence. Full rate data 4. The maximum sending intensity is one message per 1. This means that a fault condition is only raised or ceased during valid observation periods. RBS to be used for synchronization. The synchronization function can have three different modes: It is not possible to change TF mode to Slave in enabled state.