Emilio Pujol – Escuela razonada de la guitarra vol – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Emilio-Pujol-Escuela-Razonada-de-La-Guitarra-Volpdf. Uploaded by soloing Uploaded by. We have one of the best specialist selections of music for the classical guitar anywhere, with thousands of stock titles and a committed, knowledgeable team.

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Emilio Pujol. Escuela Razonada de la guitara (libro 2)

I have heards these referred to as a complete course to professional level. I am about grade 6 or 7 and could do with such a complete method, but neither of us has any idea of second hand value. Are they a classic or just another old guitar method? The best from Tarrega’s school. There is also vol 4. Do you have any idea of value please? It is important to notice that books in Brazil are normally more expensive then in the USA.

That gives us a good idea of value. I’d buy the translations if I were you given you live in England. Also you’ll get an idea of the price.

This method is from spanish guitarist and Tarrega’s pupil Emilio Pujol. Not the same as the argentinian Maximo Diego. But you’re right that there is an english version on Orphee’s website. The English translations would be good, but they are pricey and would need posting to UK.


I love Tarrega and his smooth fingerings. All the studies are from books that I have bought from Jefferies, Chanterelle etc. The method I downloaded from a site on the web and I’m hesitant to list it here because I don’t know if Aguado’s method can be copywrited.

I music that old has been reset by someone and refingered and posted on that persons website is it a copywrite infringement?

So I bought them and my hands are sore already! Some of the exercises are so accurately aimed at weaknesses that my brain hurts too but I can already notice an improvement in accuracy and control in my playing, which is very rewarding as I needed some sort of push towards real progress.

Maybe babelfish can help: Except that I do not have Book emilik. Book 2 starts with the intro by Manuel de Falla, so I assume that everything preceding that on the website is contained in Book 1, so now I can complete the set.

And my French improves as I play the guitar! It’s a discussion of the history of guitar playing and notation more than anything else.

Emilio Pujol – Wikipedia

The actual exercises that the student does begin in volume 2. Pujol also assumes rather early that the student can read in 5 flats! The fingerings and string indications, however, are razonadaa copious that you can find your way through things without really having to know what the notes are.


Volume 2, 3, and 4 follow the same basic pattern. Each mechanical aspect of guitar playing is isolated and exercises for them are given. Then there are etudes at the back which use the movement habits worked out in the exercises.

It is a lot of “boring” mechanical work that can become rather mindless if you are not really into refining your technique.

A warning, though, the intense mechanical finger-work in Pujol’s books could, if done excessively and incorrectly, lead to RSI.

My guitar teacher knew someone who did actually cause permanent damage to his hand by hammering away at exercises too much. I know what you mean about the first guitarda and 5 flats. In order to make it easier to read and learn I pretend the key signature is 2 sharps and move up one fret but, as you say, the fingerings are so comprehensive they tend to dictate the patterns anyway.

I know the exercises are boring but I need some discipline to stop me repeating the same mistakes and work towards some real improvement.

Emilio Pujol

I bought the first two volumes quite expensive and was very disappointed in the quality. You’d be better off getting Aquado’s method book, as the two are very similiar regarding exercises. Board index All times are UTC.