Remuz Role-playing game archive. Powered by h5ai v Everway – Character , , KB. file, Everway – Game Master Guide. Like the title says: It is my experience that Everway doesn’t work. If one were able to macro-analyse all instances of RPG play since the. Buy Everway Visionary Roleplaying: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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John Harper everwy Yeah, the GM said there was a crazy huge god-killing spear hanging in the throne room when the PCs were in there earlier.

That’s how I chose to interpret the resolution for this specific moment. I’ll never reject voidsharks. How often does that actually happen? These three cards can change to represent new phases in the hero’s life.

[Everway] doesn’t work

I want the GM to have rules, just like the other players do. Just concentrating on the interesting questions: When the scary monster appears, the player decides to swing his sword synecdochical for fighting it ; he could just as well have said, “I run away! I’m happy to answer questions. You pick numbers for things according to that guide. A generic model looks like this: Or maybe the player just comes up with some crazy awesome move that no one knows how to deal with.

You’ve cut its goddamn head off! Twenty minutes later, I can say “Let me distract the wicked nutcracker by pulling a rabbit from my hat! Any whispers on how to spice up my Walker’s Crown variant would be appreciated.

The GM then takes over and uses the rules to tell the players what happens to them, soliciting their further input as needed to keep things interesting, as described above. But pinning down the circumstances under which someone has an authoritative veto over the contributions of someone else isn’t easy to formalize. It depends on what you want to do. John Harper 4 If you don’t agree about the interpretation of a card, you discuss it like adults.


That’s how I got my copy. Its lead designer was Jonathan Tweet. My latest attempt at solving it Walker’s Crown was a circle of spheres linked by shared gates with one sphere possessing evrway additional everawy linking it to the rest of the Thousand Worlds.

Which is to say, you can totally drop in with something unexpected or dramatic. Roundwander is the only realm in Fourcorner that is described. December edited December Player-driven, focused on the images on the cards, no THAC0. You would just respond to character initiatives. I guess I mean that I am still trying to get over the incongruity of Everway’s press releases, describing it as innovative, when compared to the reality of the game, which, as far as I can tell, is that it’s a railroad-y trad game with pretty pictures.

Each character begins with twenty points to divide between four Element scores roughly equivalent to statistics for Strength FirePerception WaterIntelligence Air and Endurance Earth.

So one of the things I’d do to update Everway is build evefway collaborative situation generation.

[Everway] doesn’t work – Story Games

Finding the Spherewalker sourcebook is much harder, though. Tweet’s adjudication terms are: Can I nominate this thread for Best of Storygames? The game’s rules suggest listing examples of what the magic system can do evrway each power level, working these out with the GM. What do those numbers mean in the fiction, especially for non-human characters?


If one were able to macro-analyse all instances of RPG play since the beginning of the hobby, I’d bet that Drama is used way more than the other two, probably put together. That is too perfect.

Because the GM says what’s in the world around the characters? Drama doesn’t need to equal Color, it’s quite possible to resolve consequential things with Drama. So it’s a decisive blow, but the demon is still alive; still a potential threat. How much fun would that be, right? Bill, I like your three-tiered approach to the game, especially with that sense of an obstacle’s relative importance. The amount of GM control required is a valid point, but I’m also used to running Amber where the “GM as god” setup is just about absolute.

A hero wanting access to magic, as opposed to a few specific Powers, must design their own magic system. At chargen, I asserted a few facts about my puppet into everrway fiction “This puppet can pull a rabbit out of her hat”.

The official setting for Everway revolves around heroes with the power of “spherewalking,” traveling between worlds called “spheres. But the first and third go to the heart of my problems with Everway.

Unsourced material may everwau challenged and removed. As the GM, I need to treat those chargen stories as big flag-complexes.