Eligible hours of study under the Regulation respecting mandatory continuing education for engineers. The hours devoted to studying for the OIQ’s Professional . If you are not sure if your diploma meets with the language requirements, please contact us at , extension or by email at [email protected] The Junior engineer program is a key step on the road to becoming a professional engineer. To obtain a permit that entitles the holder to fully practise the.

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Candidate – Obtaining a permit. You should devote at least 20 hours of study in order to be well-prepared for the examination. Make the most of your study efforts and take advantage of this benefit.

Eligible hours of study under the Regulation respecting mandatory continuing education for engineers. Add to My Portal.

It is important to remember that all other professional engineering associations in Canada currently require this type of examination. Once you have passed your examination, the Order will add the nine hours to your file and an email will be sent to you.

Want to become an engineer? The “professional examination” is par for your course – OIQ

Watch the OIQ campaign commercial. To find out more about the cost, please refer to the fee schedule.

Registering for the Professional Examination The professional examination is an excellent starting point for the junior engineer program. If you are a member of another Canadian engineering association, click here to learn more about the professional ooq adapted to your situation. Registration and session calendar To register for the professional examination, you simply need to fill out and send the registration form reserved for members for the professional examination at least two months before the date of the desired session.


Study document for the Professional Examination All subjects covered by the professional examination are discussed in the following document dated June 22, Was this content useful?

The professional examination “” is here – OIQ

View the calendar of upcoming sessions. Was this content useful? General information Everything you need to know about the professional examdn. Member of the Order Student Candidate – obtaining a permit Member exanen the public About the Order Values, vision and strategic objectives.

Watch the OIQ campaign commercial. Add to My Portal. Distribution of the questions over the five chapters of the study document. Oiiq 3 – The legal environment. I am Member of the Order. Add to My Portal. Cost If you registered for the first time on the roll of the OIQ after May 2, and the three-year period has not elapsed, you will not be charged a fee when you register for the professional examination. Please note that these hours will not be eligible under the regulation if you do not succesfully pass your examination.

Professional Practice and Requirements.

Continuing education

Add to My Portal. I am Member of the Order.

Was this content useful? Continuing education Report the hours you spent studying as continuing education hours! Aspiring engineers will find it easier to join the profession if they have a full grasp of the subjects covered by the examination.

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Every year, the OIQ holds several examination sessions across Quebec.

The number of hours of study oia may be reported is determined using the following formula: Was this content useful? For the purposes of reporting hours to the OIQ, these hours are equivalent to a course organized or offered by the OIQ 1st paragraph of section 5.

For more information, call the professional examination officer at or 1extensionor write to examenprofessionnel oiq. Familiarity with the principles of professional practice, the concepts of ethics and professional conduct, the role and obligations of engineers in society, the social impact of technology, sustainable development, protection of the environment and the duty to maintain professional competencies; Part 3 – The legal environment Objective: I am Member of the Order.

Study document — Professional examination French only Refer to this document as well as to the laws and regulations cited therein in order to prepare for the Professional Examination. Member of the Order Student Candidate – obtaining a permit Member of the public About the Order Oiw, vision and strategic objectives. Familiarity with basic legal knowledge of civil liability, contractual exa,en, intellectual property, general commercial law, labour law, construction law, environmental law and occupational health and safety law.

Professional Practice and Requirements. Professional legislation and governance.