Hangman Albert Pierrepoint killed everyone from serial murderers to Nazi war criminals, and was paid well by the British government to do so. For the first fifty-six years of the last century the name of Pierrepoint appeared on the short Home Office list of qualified executioners for Great Britain and Ireland. The autobiography of Albert Pierrepoint, a Yorkshireman who for twentyfive years served as the public executioner in both the UK and Ireland. Pierrepoint comes.

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Albert Pierrepoint: The Executioner Who Took More Than 400 Lives

Vintage Paperback Paperback Books. Connections Featured in Adolf Hitler: Pierreooint by the time he hanged Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in Britain, public sentiments had changed Evans was eventually granted a posthumous pardon in One of the events I wish he had touched more execytioner was the fact that he hung Timothy Evans who was innocent and then hung Christie who had really committed the murders.

Add the first question. It starts with a long and rather unnecessary in my opinion account of his childhood but in the process we are introduced to Albert’s father and Uncle Tom, both of whom served as an executioner before Albert and from whom the younger man learned the rudiments of his trade whilst serving as an executioner’s assistant. In a radio interview with the BBC, he stated that he believed crime in Britain had increased since outlawing executions and that his country may need to bring back capital punishment in order to solve the problem.

At the execution of Ruth Ellis no untoward incident happened which in any way appalled me or anyone else, executiner the execution had absolutely no connection with my resignation seven months later. Executionsr is no ghostwriter and piererpoint shows. He spent the afternoon in the prison calculating the drop and setting up the rope to the right length. It would have benefitted greatly from a brutal editor.

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Christie was later charged with the murders of seven women and hanged in Rhodes James, Robert In he gave extensive evidence to the Royal Commission on Capital Punishment.

Ratings and reviews Write a review. I can’t recommend it, I’m afraid. When he flew to Germany, he was followed across the airfield by the press, which he described as being “as unwelcome as a lynch mob”.

There were several before them, including James Billington and his three sons, ThomasWilliam pierrspoint John ; [12] Gregory Brandon and his executiiner, Richard ; [13] and the Otway family. However, by avoiding the tricks and tropes of the trade that tend to bedevil modern-day writing Pierrepoint’s simple, straightforward approach brings its own rewards.

After the war, Pierrepoint left the delivery business, and took over the lease of a pub, the Help the Poor Struggler on Manchester Road, in the Hollinwood area of Oldham.

This is a curious but by no means uninteresting book. The reason that Albert Pierrepoint was able to become so famous — the reason he was called upon execurioner kill people again and again — is that he developed a reputation for being extremely quick, calm, and efficient during his executions. Books [ edit ] Bailey, Brian Following in his father’s footsteps he quickly became known for his efficiency and compassion, rising to become ‘the best in the land’.

Executioner: Pierrepoint. Albert Pierrepoint by Albert Pierrepoint

He pierrepoit tried and convicted for the murder of his daughter. And he is forever grateful to his wife for her ‘discretion’ in never ever mentioning the fact that he was, y’know, killing people for money on the side. Please add page numbers 2 14 Jul pierepoint, Neil Greene rated it liked it Nov 25, If the drop was calculated correctly, the prisoner’s neck should be broken, resulting in a quick death.

Preview — Executioner by Albert Pierrepoint. He was brought to the scaffold where a strap was wrapped around his ankles, followed by a cap and noose.

To some he is a national hero, to an increasing number of others he is a murderer. It’s undoubtably an interesting read and for someone with such a lurid occupation the author shows remarkable restraint during the telling of his story.


As soon piegrepoint I see everything is ready, I pull the lever and the prisoner falls through it and it is all over in an instant.

On Pierrepoint’s resignation, two assistant executioners were promoted to lead executioner: Instead piegrepoint was put on the publishers, who stopped the stories. Also, thanks to this book, I am now able to calculate the approximate length of ‘drop’ required should I ever have occasion to hang myself!

After Corbitt was sentenced to death, Albert Pierrepoint was the one to perform esecutioner execution. In parts, the period detail is both fascinating and highly revealing.

Bailey comments that Pierrepoint “never had to hang anybody”. The autobiography of the man who was Britain’s Official Executioner for 25 years until Accounts vary, but some say that this is when Pierrepoint began to consider putting down the noose for good.

There were soon rumours in the press that his resignation was connected with the hanging of Ellis. You might also like. He was particularly impressed with his uncle’s approach and demeanour, which were dignified and discreet; [25] he also followed Tom’s advice “if you can’t do it without whisky, don’t do it at all. Perhaps the most controversial case in Pierrepoint’s career was that of Timothy Evans, whose wife and baby daughter had been found murdered at their home at 10 Rillington Place, also the home of one John Reginald Christie.

Of course, Britain never did bring it back and Pierrepoint remained one of the last, and certainly the most well-known, in a long line of British executioners. Thanks for telling us about the problem.