For information about software certified with previous FalconStor product versions, check our Archived FalconStor CDP and FalconStor NSS. The following is a list of operating systems that have been certified with older versions of FalconStor CDP, FMS, FSS, and NSS servers and. Fill Out The Form Below And Download Our White Paper On Best Practices for Data Migration Using FalconStor NSS. First Name *. Last Name *. Email *.

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The search for a “one size fits all” storage solution continues to this day.

Perfecting Storage Virtualization with Fujitsu and FalconStor NSS

Note The following settings are not configured in Resource Orchestrator. Data can be synchronized to a second storage device independent of the servers involved. The cost depends on various factors, such as number of falcnstor, number of products and use of advanced filtering and search criteria.

IT organizations can continue to leverage existing storage investments, reducing total cost of ownership TCO. FalconStor NSS helps maximize storage utilization, reduce falconetor storage costs, and increase staff productivity.

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Companies using FalconStor NSS

Additionally, IT teams are challenged to get the most return on investment ROI on their storage purchases. To fully meet these needs without compromise, Fujitsu has developed a flexible and robust solution. Combining the benefit of HA and site disaster protection, the stretch cluster functionality allows you to deploy a HA solution between two geographically separated sites.

Service ProvidersVirtual Appliances. Once the mirror is online, future data is written simultaneously to both the primary volume and the mirror. Snapshot agents work seamlessly with replication and TimeMark technology to ensure full protection for active databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, and messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

We are making it easier to experience Citrix solutions. The FalconStor Network Storage Server NSS solution enables storage virtualization and optimized efficiency across heterogeneous storage and networks, providing centralized management, consolidation, and continuous availability of primary data for business continuity.


NetApp has released hyperconverged infrastructure appliances integrated with the RedHat OpenShift Container Platform and support for Kubernetes and Docker container environments. For details on the configuration method, refer to the manual of the fibre channel switch.

All VMware View user data repositories — complete data protection for user data located within the VMware View environment and redirected folders on a separate NAS appliance. As data storage continues to grow, so to do the problems of efficient storage management, cost effective use, and growth. This includes the movement of data from older legacy systems to the latest storage environments as required.

Server SolutionsServer Components. Servers Server SolutionsServer Components. This enables more efficient storage utilization. The MicroScan feature shrinks WAN bandwidth requirements and costs, making offsite DR technically and financially feasible for organizations of all sizes.

What happens once I submit a request? When three or more disks are connected, an error will occur.

This flexibility and broad support enables easy integration within an existing infrastructure without disrupting operations and without the vendor lock-in often associated with other providers. FalconStor NSS allows IT administrators to define business continuity policies appropriate to business application service-level agreements SLAs for a more service-oriented approach to falconsyor and data availability.

Will I start getting spam on my email? Maximizing storage utilization is critical to eliminating unnecessary storage devices and expenditures.

Physical connection requirements for FalconStor NSS

Targeting by install base boosts your number of qualified accounts Refine results by company size, location, and industry.

The RecoverTrac tool supports heterogeneous environments, eliminating costly vendor lock-in and maximizing ROI by leveraging existing hardware. Entire VMware View environment — comprehensive, enterprise-class continuous data protection that allows IT managers to recover locally or from a DR site in the event of system-wide failure. There is no need for system-specific host-based tools.

The situation becomes even better if you can then use ‘thin provisioning’ to allow the servers into think they already have all the storage they need. Up to 1, delta snapshots can be maintained per volume.


FalconStor NSS supports a wide range of industry-standard hardware and software, and can scale to manage large, heterogeneous storage environments. Further, because each system already assumes it has everything, it will have no objections when you actually add more capacity.

Some can even be from different suppliers. Other major and competing products in this category include:. When performance needs increase, adding Flash will allow IT to provide up to thousand IOPS combined with extremely low latency, giving critical applications and services the room needed to operate fully.

TimeMark technology includes the TimeView feature, which creates an accessible, mountable delta snapshot image that enables administrators to freely create multiple and instantaneous virtual copies of an active data set.

We provide targeted accounts and not contacts. Business and Technology Solutions. Therefore, configure these settings beforehand. In case of failure on one site, data is immediately available at the other site without change, as the data sets are constantly synchronized between sites. Storage Storage ControllersStorage Solutions.

Delivery in one day or less. Do not execute the following configuration changes after beginning management of the Storage Server on which FalconStor NSS operates using this product.

Allows provisioning of virtual storage that represents a greater capacity than is physically allocated. Enable the creation of periodic, scheduled, or on-demand point-in-time delta snapshot copies of data volumes. As a result, only changes at the granularity of disk-sector level byte are transferred. Clustering is not limited to the same datacenter.

FalconStor NSS is a flexible storage virtualization solution that enables efficient and cost-effective provisioning falcomstor centralized falcojstor of storage resources across an entire organization.