Information about symptoms and treatments for Pyometra in cats- from Tri County Animal Hospital, Wayne, Bergen County NJ. Pyometra is a bacterial infection that occurs in the uterus of a cat. – Wag!. Feline Pyometra. Pyometra is a bacterial infection of the uterus. The uterine lining gets thick, and then infected by bacteria and filled with pus. Bacteria from the.

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My female Siamese was a year old in January. Has Symptoms Laying down in abnormal position.

Pyometra is a serious condition which can lead to septicemia and death if not treated immediately. They appear to only cover the surface of the blanket. Book me a walkiee? But i realized that there is something wrong. I told a couple of friends about it and they thought it sounded like a Urinary Tract Infection. So i search about my observation towards her and i really think it is pyometra. She is showing symptoms of being in pain again and sleeping a lot and seems uncomfortable.

Pyometra Questions and Advice from Veterinary Professionals. Her temperature was Regardless of cost, you need to visit your Veterinarian for antibiotics and supportive care at a minimum; if you are worried about cost call your local Charity Clinic to see if they can help in return for a modest donation. WIthout more details about Tommie, i cannot comment on why your veterinarian believes that she has a pyometra.

Pyometra in Cats | Symptoms, Treatments and Information

If you spot any symptoms of pyometra, take your cat to a veterinarian as soon as possible. If your cat has pyometra, you may notice a change in her drinking and urinating habits, or the presence of vaginal discharge. These tests will show the vet your cat has an elevated level of white blood cells, which indicates an infection is present in the body. I hope for your answer. My cat had kittens Jan. Spaying a cat involves surgically removing the sexual organs, including the uterus and ovaries.

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Her energy is normal despite that she’s always been super lazy so its hard to tell if this is fatigue caused by anything but she is still interested in playing with her toys and is still following me around like usual and her appetite is normal.

Regardless of whether the pyometra is open or closed, the vet will recommend that your cat be spayed to treat this condition. Describe the symptoms you have observed, when they began, and tell your vet whether your cat is spayed or not. Thank you for your email. Recovery of Pyometra in Cats. I have a 4 year old cat that just had surgery yesterday for pyometra. But she is mostly just laying on her side. I am certain some level of pain is to be anticipated but what should I watch out for?

I thought she was laboring since she have like a bump in her stomach. I went to the vet Thursday,which is now Friday and he told me to come back at Monday,but I’m very worried it will get worse. I looked at the incision and there appears to be a spot of dried blood near the incision that has not changed. She finished her antibiotics and is relatively normal except today I noticed some mucusy discharge from her vagina. Upon picking her up I was informed she had a pyometra.

Until next day, i thought she will gonna have a baby. She is eating and drinking if I put her by the bowls and she has been to the litter box a few times during the day. I want to know if she has early pyometra should I wait till the original spay appointment or try to get her spayed sooner?

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Hello I’m in Canada my cat has syptoms of pyometra but I have no money to take her to vet what xam I do she’s felin weaker how long do I got to get her helpI’m stressed out. She wouldn’t touch her food or drink very much water this morning.


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Your cat may need IV fluids prior to the surgery in order to stabilize her condition. We just came back from local 24 hour animal hospital. Infections occur in sexually intact female cats after they have been in heat. She said they “might” be failing.

Pyometra in Cats

My cat is 11yrs old and had not been spayed. A vaginal exam may also be performed so the vet can check the area for abnormalities. If your cat went through surgery, keep her as clean as possible so no bacteria makes its way into the incision.

I noticed spotting in the hallway that included some blood. No vaginal discharge is normal in a cat, and if she isn’t spayed, that is likely what is happening. Has Symptoms Discharge, Blood.

Surgery is treatment of choice, but medical management is possible in some cases. So the hospital gave me antibiotics and told me to make sure she is seen by a surgeon tomorrow who will be able to perform surgery. I love this cat more than I can express. She has a discharge now that is clear with bit of blood in it could it be Pyometrs. Her incision site looks like it has healed fine. However, you will need to closely watch her once she is home to ensure she is not experiencing the same symptoms you first noticed.