Fluke Calibration produces the broadest range of electrical, RF, temperature, pressure & flow , , Technical Guide Supplement ( KB). Order Fluke Calibration A-P Dry-Well Field Calibrator online from Transcat. Fluke Authorized Distributor. Rentals available. Free Shipping!. Buy Fluke A Drywell Calibrator A Browse our latest drywell- calibrators offers. Free Next Day Delivery.

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Pozzetti per metrologia su campo Italian These combined features, along with the rugged design, light weight, and small size make this instrument ideal for field applications.

Both automated thermostatic switch test procedures enable swift and easy temperature tests. Product Manuals, Users 2.

Fluke , Fluke , Fluke Field Metrology Wells

Unlike traditional dry-wells, Field Metrology Wells maximize speed and portability without compromising the fluk key metrology performance criteria laid out by the EA: Metrology Wells Versus Dry-Wells: Holes for Model These industrial temperature loop calibrators are perfect for performing transmitter loop calibrations, comparison calibrations, or simple checks of thermocouple sensors. Selecting an Industrial Temperature Calibrator 1. How about all this and a turnkey solution that will automate and document the results?


You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Dry-block product comparison table Auto setup requires the entry of only the nominal switch temperature.

And by the way, we meet our specs! The LCD display continuously shows many useful operating parameters, including the block temperature, the current set-point, block stability, and 91142 and cooling status. Fluke Calibration Field Metrology Wells: The Fluke X Field Metrology Well is easy to navigate; it features function keys and menu navigation buttons which allow the user to access all the field metrology well’s inputs.

The instrument has been designed with the field user in mind and is easy to use while 99142 stability, uniformity, and accuracy comparable to some laboratory instruments. Do Vertical Gradients Really Matter? Hart Scientific Model No: With this entry, it will run a 3-cycle calibration procedure and provide final results for the dead band temperature via the display.

Insert, G,EA test. View Cart My Account Does Immersion Depth Really Matter? View Cart My Account The transmitter sensor is placed in the well with the reference PRT and the transmitter electronics are connected to the front panel of the instrument. We’d really appreciate it if you’d review this product Why not leave a review of this product?


Fluke X Field Metrology Well with Selectable Insert

This optional built-in two-channel readout reads resistance, voltage, and 4—20 mA current with 24 volt loop power. These are the people around the world who decide what a Kelvin is! To this end it features two types of automated thermostatic switch test procedures:. Please contact your local sales representative if you have special requirements.

Both methods are fast and easy and make testing temperature switches a virtual joy! Carrying Case, Field Metrology Wells.

9142, 9143, 9144 Field Metrology Wells

Please contact your local Fluke Calibration sales representative for details or to request a quote. Small dry wells for big field applications The new X Series Field Metrology Wells FlukeFlukeFluke extend high performance to the industrial process 91142 by maximizing portability, speed, and functionality with little compromise to metrology performance.

Speed and Confidence at the Job Site.