The link below brings you to the PDF for the Marine Corps Publication FMFRP 12 Kill or Get Killed, which is in its original form and entirety. English: Diagram of Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, issued to British Commando forces in WWII. Image taken from page 69 of Fleet Marine. File:Fmfrp 12 80 ppng. No higher resolution available. Fmfrp_12_80_p png ( × pixels, file size: 4 KB, MIME type: image/png).

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Reprinted with permission by Paladin Press, P. Colonel Applegate believes that the techniques he describes should be taught under careful super- vision and used only for legitimate purposes and in appro- priate combat or law enforcement situations.

Drop your whole body to a crouch position under fmgrp swing as he closes in. Any additional bend will cause a break. Of course, the thumb and all the fingers can be used as weapons, principally for exerting pressure on vulner- able points, for gouging, and for pinching large muscles.

FMFRP 12-80 Kill or Get Killed

If a general niclcc ensues, when both of you arc on the ground striving for position and holds, the first to resort to blows, bites and gouges will come out on top. If he is stantiing up- right, it can be initiated as follows: This region is commonly known as the small of the back. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

It is best to use the thumb against tlie inside of the eye socket, witli force exerted toward the outside of the Iicad. By pinching hard and twisting, as the pull is made, the victim will come along. Usually the knee kick will be the simplest defensive or oflfensive measure.


If a knee tlirust to the testicles or groin is used in connection with the chin jab, the body fmfrpp be automatically bent for- ward, leaving a perfect setup for this particular blow. A type of concussion results which causes the victim to become “slap happy” and makes him an easy subject to do with as you will. Pulling hair, tearing a lip, grasping and twisting or tearing the nose.

The illustration fmftp the right shows how, by pushing back on the opponent’s chin, the smaller man destroys the big man’s physical balance, thus preventing the use of his superior strength. It’s reprinting was long overdue.

It should always be re- membered, when closing in vital combat, that a good knee blow delivered to the testicle area will not only finish the fight, but also, while in the process fmrp being delivered, will Kill. A kick that is too high can be dangerous, and a miss causes a very precarious balance position.

A policeman may well use it, before applying ninny of the coinc-aloniir Iiolds.

See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab. If covered by a protective helmet, it can be used against the bony facial area.

File:Fmfrp 12 80 p69.png

In turn, an attempt to use the brass knuckles for striking fmfgp blow makes the blade a hindrance that can cut or catch on the user’s own clothing, as well as on that of the victim. The area just below the Adam’s apple is the most vul- ncr.


Do not work directly against, or try to stop, the momentum of an opponent in motion. This type of strategy is most likely to be used against an opponent who is standing his ground and readying him- self for a defense, or when the attacker has not had the ad- vantage of surprise. Mental balance, or stability, is a state of mind that is necessary before physical balance can be achieved. The opponent cannot grasp its blade, in defense, without receiving a severe cut.

In training for warfare, the emphasis is usually on the offensive. Withoutabox Submit mffrp Film Festivals. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months.

Full text of “FMFRP Kill or Get Killed”

A finger or eye gouge will stop fmfro most de- termined attack. The handle is round or oval in shape, its largest diameter is toward the center, and it tapers off toward the guard as well as at the butt.

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Each organization— military or civilian— has its own problems, some phases of training demanding more emphasis than others.

Place the point of the right shoulder 128-0 the back of the victim’s head, forcing it forward while the forearm is being pulled back.