Psychology From an Empirical Standpoint · Franz Brentano. Routledge () Brentano and Wundt: Empirical and Experimental Bradford. Franz Brentano (). Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint. I. The Concept and Purpose of Psychology. Source: Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint. This standpoint is clearly mirrored in his empirical approach to psychology. It is noteworthy.

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The differences which still exist between them are that the old definition contains metaphysical presuppositions from which the modern one is free; that the latter is accepted by opposing schools of thought, while the former already bears the distinctive mark of one particular school; and the one, therefore, frees us from general preliminary researches which the other would oblige us to undertake. According to Brentano, psychology plays a central role in the sciences; he considers especially logics, ethics, and aesthetics as practical disciplines that depend on psychology as their theoretical foundation.

But this is as far as we can go.

Intentionality, Misc in Philosophy of Mind. In his Psychophysicsin his Atomenlehre and in other writings, he criticises this doctrine, sometimes in earnest, sometimes humorously. This conclusion appears to be so immediately obvious that we cannot be surprised if some partisans of the conception here developed, A.

And if, on the one hand, it appears to be the pinnacle of the towering structure of science, on the other hand, it is destined to become the basis of society and of its noblest possessions, and, by this very fast, to become the basis of all scientific endeavour as well.

Open Court Publishing Company. With a new foreword by Tim Crane. It is something mental rather than physical.

Nevertheless, these two cases are not wholly identical. Defining psychology as the science of mental phenomena in brenfano to make natural science and mental science resemble each other in this dtandpoint, then, has no reasonable justification. A mental act does not stand in an ordinary relation to an object, but in a quasi-relation Relativliches. If this were possible, we could recognise the tree, not from its fruit, but from its very first budding leaves, and could transplant it immediately to a place suited to its nature.


Franz Brentano

Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database. Looking for beautiful books? Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? John Locke once conducted an experiment in which, after having warmed one of his hands and cooled the other, he immersed both of them simultaneously in the same basin of water.

His theory of mind has inspired neo-Brentanian accounts of consciousness that aim to do justice to the systematic nature of Brentano’s theory of mind, where the notion of intentionality is closely intertwined with the conception of secondary consciousness and the thesis of the unity of consciousness. In a judgment we accept or deny the existence of the presented object. Just as there are eminent men who have questioned and denied that phenomena have a substantial bearer there also have been and still are other very famous scientists who firmly believe that they do.

Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. Yet, whatever appearance of necessity there is for restricting the range of inquiry in this connection, it may still be no more empirifal an appearance. His work influenced philosophers as diverse as Edmund Husserl, the founder of phenomenology and the philosopher and logician Gottlob Frege.

Obviously, then, it is not an object of science. According to Brentano, every presentation is in itself of value; this holds even for those that become the basis of a correct, negative judgment or a correct negative emotion.

Questions to which we might give less attention, if it were up to us to choose, force themselves upon everyone’s attention. His work exerted great influence on major philosophers such as Edmund Husserl, but also philosophers travelling in the opposite direction, such Gottlob Frege.

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In addition, judgments are correct or incorrect; they have a truth-value. Even in this respect there is hardly another branch of science which can be psycyology on the same level with psychology unless perhaps it is one which merits the same consideration on the grounds that it is an indispensable preparatory step toward the attainment of psychological knowledge.

The Inexact Character of its Highest Laws. There is another, quite different reason which generally motivates those who advocate such a definition, however.

There are facts which can be demonstrated in the same way in the domain of inner perception or external perception. In the parable the sons industriously dug up the vineyard in which they believed a treasure was hidden, and if they did not find the buried gold, they reaped the fruit of the well-tilled soil instead.

For our mental phenomena are the things which are most our own.

Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint – Wikipedia

In spite of the modification in the concept, then, there seems to be nothing to prevent us from defining psychology in the terms in which Aristotle once defined it, namely as the science of the soul.

These facts prove beyond doubt that the objects of sensory experience are deceptive. And so psychology offers us a drama similar frmo the one which occurred in the natural sciences.

They surmounted this obstacle by temporarily moving to and becoming citizens of Saxony, where they finally got married. Our empiricaal investigation of the difference between mental and physical phenomena will provide whatever further clarification is needed.