What is the opposite of freedom? In Freedom as Marronage, Neil Roberts answers this question with definitive force: slavery, and from there he unveils powerful. What is the opposite of freedom? In Freedom as Marronage, Neil Roberts answers this question with definitive force: slavery, and from there he. PDF | A book review of Neil Roberts, Freedom as Marronage (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, ).

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We might also add that the endless mountains offer innumerable opportunities for refuge, habitation, and autonomy—resources for finding and creating a place apart. Malik Newton rated it really liked it Apr 12, A first set of questions concerns the historical opposition that Roberts draws between Toussaint and Dessalines. Freedom as Marronage Neil Roberts Abstract This book explores marrronage meaning of feeedom through its fundamental relationship to the experience of slavery. Certainly, Freedom as Marronage proves that Roberts does not write in a tentative voice but always takes his stances boldly.

His theoretical propositions suggest the former while his historical examples emphasize the latter. One of the principal achievements of Freedom as Marronage is thus how it seamlessly brings together these two strands of contemporary thinking about slavery and freedom, and makes a powerful intervention into both by introducing the generative idea that it is philosophically productive to focus on the liminal space between freedom and slavery, thereby centering the agency of the enslaved, which is under-emphasized in both Afro-pessimism and Western political thought.

But he does not specify how flight and founding do or should relate to one another within his normative concept of marronage. At one point Roberts bolsters his argument by quoting a Haitian proverb: Political and Social Theory. Return to Book Page. In Freedom as Marronage, Neil Roberts answers this question with definitive force: Black Critical and Cultural Theory. Indeed, as Roberts points out, maroon communities Atlantic political thought.

Skip to main content. Examining this overlooked phenomenon—one of action from slavery and toward freedom—he deepens our understanding of freedom itself and the origin of our political ideals.


The dynamic and expansive character of this mode of becoming is inseparable from the precarity that has always defined the maroon situation. Mohammad Mia rated it really liked it Nov 16, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

From this perspective, the maroon predicament can also illuminate a situation like decolonization, when subject peoples obtained nominal independence within a framework of inescapable global economic and geopolitical inequality in relation to which there was no stable outside.

Help Center Find new research papers in: All maroons were identified as fugitive slaves. This work is significant for scholars in black studies, Caribbean thought, interdisciplinary philosophy, American studies, critical theory, contemporary political theory, and all those interested in the idea of freedom between past and future.

Freedom as Marronage – Neil Roberts – Google Books

Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy. The term comes from Frantz Fanon, for whom, Roberts explains, it referred to an approach to the study of social life that attended to both subjective and objective acts by situated beings who mrronage specific social orders into the world.

This despite the crushing debt and chronic threat of invasion through which the new nation remained fatefully bound to France and entangled in hemispheric geopolitics.

It makes transparent a central insight on the human condition often ignored or disavowed by philosophers and political theorists by examining a specific, highly overlooked form of flight from slavery, marronage, that was fundamental to Caribbean and Latin American slave systems and has widespread application to European, New World, and black diasporic societies.

This book explores the meaning of freedom through its fundamental relationship to the experience of slavery. Freedom as Marronage Neil Roberts Mzrronage preview available – Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This work is a serious survey for Caribbean scholars yet the text is written in a way that remains thoroughly readable and accessible to the public at large as demonstrated in this passage: Black Publics and Peasant as I understand it, is that it redirects us away from state- Radicalism in Haiti and Jamaica.

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This content downloaded from Books by Neil Roberts. On the one hand, he uses regime differences to distinguish one from the other. David rated it really liked it Feb 14, Martin Fotta rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Anthony Paul rated it really liked it Nov 01, Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content.

Facing Racial Revolution Jeremy D. Three Sovereign Marronage and Its Others. freerom

But, according to Roberts, they did not develop a fredeom conception of marronage. When Roberts argues that: One of the most valuable features of this book is its self-conscious and explicit drawing on the black slave and post-slave experience—New World African enslavement, marronage of different varieties, the Haitian slave revolution, post-emancipation racial oppression in conditions of nominal freedom—as a resource for political theory.

She is the author of Race and the Politics of Solidarity Oxford, The decision not to include experiences of marronage from the Spanish and Portuguese Americas unfortunately precluded such potentially generative comparisons. Slave Theorists of Freedom.

Freedom as Marronage

Following conventional understandings, once the enslaved people of Saint-Domingue established a national state, they transcended the maroon condition. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Such an arrangement may have proved to be disastrous.

Published online December 13, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is essential reading for those interested in the history of slavery, the concept of freedom, and critical theory. Marronage on this view nial imagesa restructuring of civil society and constitution- disrupts the static conception of slavery and freedom, offering alism University Press Scholarship Online.