Learning Cantonese? Come and download the free FSI Cantonese Basic language course, includes hours of free Cantonese audio and self-learning materials. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page FSI Cantonese – produced originally by the Foreign Service Institute to help you learn Cantonese, this course is intended to lead you to a minimum.

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He is someone who teaches English.

FSI Cantonese Vol. 1 (Yale)

Jeung Taai gong Gwokyuh. In that case it is performed as a liaten- and-repeat drill, the students echoing the teacher. Our advice to students in regard to sentence suffixes is absorb them as you can, don’t get bogged down in trying to plumb their “real” meanings — in doing so, you spend more time on them than they warrant.

He can’t speak Mandarin. Their designations, together with examples of each tone, are: Production of vowels, like production of consonants, is a matter of air flow, voicing, and positioning. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Examples are mhhou ‘don’t’ in the Classroom Phrases of Lesson 1 and sesiu ‘a cantlnese in Lesson 3. Share your thoughts with other customers. In English such a person is usually referred to as ‘Cantonese,’ the English name deriving from the city of Canton in Csntonese province.

This course begins with extensive pronounciation drills, and given the fact that Cantonese is a tonal language, drills almost felt like singing lessons, which was fun. On the vertical we speak of the tongue height of a vowel.

From that menu select ” Save Link As Then breathe in and out through your mouth without moving your tongue from its 1 position. Since some finals can be said with different pitch contours with the effect of changing the coloration of what is said but not the content, they are not truly tonal words. Repetitions under pressure are quite tension- producing, and it works better to return to a difficult passage in a more relaxed mood.


FSI – Cantonese – Basic Course – Volume 1

Meanwhile the student has built up the grammatical structure and vocabulary to talk fluently on some subjects which don’t canronese these expressions and the complexities of verb structures that are involved with time-related sentences. Listen and see if your teacher’s j sounds the sane or different before rounded and unrounded vowels. I don’t know him.

Now we’ll look at the first sentence. Sluje dou dou haih Seuhnghoiyahn Hgoh dou haih Seuhnghoiyahn. Yihga yat go yat go gong. It is recommended that the rhythm of the drills not be interrupted by questions in English. Reliability of the cantonee Usually several replays are needed before the students’ comprehension of the conversation is complete. You can now read the ebook in the pane on the leftlisten to the audio pane to the right and practice your pronunciation use on the Pronunciation Tool tab on right all at the same time.

Sluje bowing slightly Mr. Often there will be quite a few ways to say the same thing. Well, do you know English? The tape recorder is tireless in furnishing a model for students to imitate, and enables them to procede at the pace best suited to their needs.

To draw a parallel we wrote out the Basic Conversations of the first 13 lessons in Mandarin translation and found to our surprise quite a lot more differences than we had expected. In Cantonese the subject comes first in a sentence, and is what is being talked about; the predicate follows, and is what is said about the subject. That’s because the air flow is released through the nose in saying m and n.

Keuih haih mhhaih Leih Saang a? Ngoh jldou bingo, bingo jauh 1. Keuih sik gong Gwongdungwa. Also, selections from earlier dialogues can often be used during free conversation practice of the lesson under study. Wgoh seung honk dl Tingaan— Xantonese like to learn a little Tat yih siaa aei ngh, Tingaan English— How do you say dia gong a? Her name is Lee. People from Hong Kong are also included in the term Gwongdungyahn.


FSI Cantonese – Basic Course – Volume 2 :: Live Lingua

Suggestions for Further Practice. Ngoh mhhaih Leih Siuje. To download any of the files canotnese, just right-click on the link of the file you want to download.

You are an American 6. If you do not hear a difference, your teacher doesn’t differentiate. Another example, from a headline in a newspaper: Gam, keuih slk mhsik gaau Gwongdungwa a? Miss Telia Thweatt had a unique sequence of service in the project, participa- ting first as a student in the try-out of the course in Taipei, then as typist and general assistant for the present version.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

FSI Cantonese – Basic Course – Volume 1 :: Live Lingua

You can hear the voicing, and if you put your hand on your throat over the Adam’s apple, you can feel the vibration of the vocal chords. A, deuimhjyuh, Leih Saang. There is no counterpart vowel in American English with a similar sound, but you can produce catnonese sound by protruding your lips while you sustain the “ee” [i] sound of the English letter “E.

Sluje My nana is Wong. Jess cantonesr times je 3 times The Cantonese j sound is said with lips rounded before rounded vowels, and spread before unrounded vowels.