The Getac S rugged laptops is a semi rugged notebook built for the person on the go. Very affordable and dependable provided by Find great deals for Getac S Semi-rugged Notebook Laptop PC 14″ Win 7. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Getac S is designed to be a durable, worry free semi-rugged computing solution. It is a perfect choice as a vehicle mounted solution. The S is one of.

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You can also use just about any other software designed for use with a pen, though keep in mind that resistive touch does not sense the pen floating above the display like an active digitizer does. The S is one of the most rugged, semi-rugged notebook computers built.

Getac S gftac What is the Getac S and who needs it? The S is a “semi-rugged” full-featured notebook computer specifically designed for use in a variety of field applications that require more toughness and durability than consumer products can provide, but not the higher weight and cost of fully ruggedized construction. Multi-touch that works with gloves on The S’s high-bright display option also includes a multi-touch screen. Before I go much farther, I should also mention that while the Getaac S is definitely a tough machine that can take a beating, it is not designed to be fully waterproof.

The S has a inch LCD display with wide-format It’s made for those whose laptops spend more gstac on the road and outdoors than on desks, but within reason and not to the extreme. Core i7 Mobile 7. Overall, the updated Getac S represents an excellent value for s40 professionals who need a state-of-the-art notebook computer that’s tougher than your standard consumer market notebook.


With Windows Power Options set to Power Saver, radios off, and the display backlight set to its lowest setting, we saw a minimum of about Getac came up with a handy solution with a special button above the keyboard. Keep your rugged notebook running strong for years to come with our free lifetime technical support, providing you with the knowledge you need to stay successful. Almost all of the unit’s external interface ports are edge-mounted onto the motherboard.

Dell has toughened ATG and XFR versions of some of its consumer notebooks, and there are gwtac Taiwan-based OEMs that sell durable and semi-ruggeds under various brand names and sometimes also their own.

The glossy Gateway display is now even more mirror-like and largely unusable. Laptops by Gordon Gottsegen Dec 19, For connectivity, the S is well equipped, as one would expect from a modern business-class notebook.

Custom Rugged Laptops

Getac offers two dual core processor options, both from Grtac highly regarded third generation Core processor lineup. What sets the S apart from a standard notebook is that it’s clearly built to be used outdoors and on the job. It is an attractive, modern and very well executed s400 that provides Intel Core i3 and i5 power and excellent connectivity to numerous applications where a standard consumer notebook just won’t do.

And, Getc technology, designed to enhance performance by allowing each processor core to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, is included in every S This pretty much means that transferring data, both via high-speed or legacy standards, to and from the Getac S will never be a problem.

P1 starts the G-Manager P2 starts Internet Explorer Blackout mode toggle that turns off backlight and all other lights and illuminations ECO button for engaging power conservation mode under battery power High-Bright button toggles full nit power backlight on and off Power Having hardware buttons to turn geac off the display and make it super-bright comes in very handy.


Getac | S – Semi Rugged Notebook

The pictures below show different scenario comparisons between the S and a standard Gateway consumer notebook we use in the lab. Affirm connects directly to our online store. Networking Data Link Protocol.

Microsoft unveils its new Office app for Windows 10 The app will act as a hub for all your Microsoft Office needs.

Getac S400 – 14″ – Core i5 3320M – Windows 7 Pro – 4 GB RAM – 500 GB HDD Series

On the bottom of the S are two removable plastic covers. Yet, despite its tough and rugged appearance, the S is a fairly compact machine that weighs only about 7 pounds.

Our test system also came with fingerprint registration software that works with the S’s fingerprint scanner. So what did Getac decide for the S?

By connecting the antennas, peripherals and power to the docking station, you can quickly dock the computer in and out as needed during your shift. It also shows the current power consumption. Along the backside of the S see picture below are, from left to right, the power connector and another USB 2.

Nothing getad quality like a manufacturer standing behind their product. There does not appear to be a metal frame or chassis; instead, everything is mounted onto the very sturdy “KryptoShell” plastic case. Video Memory Memory Allocation Technology. As always, real world mileage will vary.