: Il ciclo degli eredi di Shannara: Gli eredi di Shannara-Il druido di Shannara-La regina degli elfi di Shannara-I talismani di Shannara. (Coll Ohmsford ne Gli Eredi di Shannara). Gli Ohmsford sono la famiglia immaginaria protagonista del ciclo fantasy Shannara, creata. La regina degli Elfi di Shannara (il titolo originale inglese è The Elf Queen of Shannara) è il con l’intera Arborlon nelle Terre dell’Ovest e usandone la magia quale legittima erede, nipote della Regina degli Elfi e futura Regina anch’ella.

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Yet, somehow, it’s not a bad book on the whole, and can often be interesting. I appreciated this aspect. View all 4 comments. This was good story, but it got off to a slow start. I need a way to rate the book and then a way to separately rate the edition I got. This book is the first I’ve read since Wishsong. They journey through an oppressed land, where magic is outlawed and many non-humans are subjected under a totalitarian rule, all the while beings called shades propagate and seek to take over the land.

And the explanation about how the Shadowen developed was understandable, but a bit sloppily explained. To ask other readers questions about The Scions of Shannaraplease sign up. Per questo loro retaggio, i membri della famiglia sono spesso chiamati dal misterioso Druido Ci ad essere i difensori delle Quattro Terre ogni qual volta si presenti una minaccia. Ritrovare tutte le corrispondenze con la trilogia originaria va oltre le mie forze e la mia voglia di dedicare troppo tempo a Brooksma ci sono.

In a word, classic fantasy. But it is more likely to become so with the passing of every day because nothing is being done to turn it aside. However, after about pages I began to see just how well the author as bringing everything together and I began to really enjoy the back and forth between the divergent stories.

La regina degli Elfi di Shannara

Gli eredi di Shannara. Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: He then gives them their tasks — ones that seem impossible to shannnara. In quel caso la trilogia era composta da romanzi che sebbene legati dalla presenza di diverse generazioni di personaggi erano comunque leggibili in modo indipendente perdendo soltanto alcuni riferimenti ai fatti narrati in episodi precedenti. The plot was slow to build, but did so steadily. I really love how he continually brings up events from the last 3 books in a non invasive manner that flows well with the story and also at the same time serves as a reminder of the times in the past.


Nella trama dell’opera, tutti gli Ohmsford possiedono, in diversi modi, tracce di magia elfica in quanto il loro capostipite, Sheaera lontano erede del leggendario re elfo Jerle Shannara. Par has the power of the wishsong and is ordered to seek out the legendary Sword of This is the first book in the second series of Shannara books.

We eredj view this story from the viewpoint of 2 brothers, Par and Coll Omhsford.

This is a generic fantasy story. Gli Ohmsford sono la famiglia immaginaria protagonista del ciclo fantasy Shannaracreata dallo scrittore statunitense Terry Brooks.

La regina degli Elfi di Shannara – Wikipedia

It kept me turning pages the entire time. Il romanzo, ehannara i successivi, segue le vicende degli Eredi di Shannara: His attempts could be listed under tvtropes. See 1 question about The Scions of Shannara…. As the first book, The Scions of Shannaraopens, the world is a radically different place from the world that Brin and Jair Ohmsford inhabited at the end of The Wishsong of Shannara. Definite cli This book was good, although I did not care for it as much as I cared for any of the three installments of the first Shannara series.

In altre lingue Aggiungi collegamenti. All of them, even Par who is the most idealistic about the Druids, share a suspicion of Allanon due to his manipulations of their ancestors centuries ago during the Druid’s lifetime. Placido Uomo della Valle, come tutti i suoi simili ha una visione piuttosto semplice e ristretta del mondo; del tutto all’oscuro della grande minaccia contro cui i suoi figli sono chiamati a combattere, al loro ritorno si shannra di rimproverarli per la lunga assenza.


Taking place years after The Wishsong of Shannarawe find a land that’s owned by the big, bad “Federation,” a place where the elves have disappeared, the dwarves are systematically oppressed and magic is forbidden.

I still maintain that The Elfstones of Shannara is my favorite. Anni fa lessi la prima trilogia e non mi mi piacque: Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. Terry Brooks books are just so good! View all 5 comments. Durante il tragitto vengono ostacolati da una scarpestrata donna nel Duln. Anyway, did you get that? This table setting takes up half the book, since the stories of each of these three are spread out over the sequels. Jul 23, John Taylor rated it it was amazing.

It felt a little forced in a few places–where characters were sent to locations or into events more because it served the plot than through any organic need, but these problems were minor and, as a whole, the book was superior to both Sword and Wishsong. shqnnara

The Scions of Shannara

If you’re looking for deep political intrigues of Dune or lots of backstabbing ways of the Song of Fire and Ice, this series glo not it.

Come on guys hli have a magical powers – what could be cooler than that!? Egli informa Par che l’ombra di Allanon lo attende al Perno dell’Ade e come lui attende gli altri eredi del retaggio di Shannara: The basic story – though a fairly straightforward fantasy quest – is decent enough. Jan 05, Roman Kurys rated it it was amazing.