A scathingly funny reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments from the larger, louder half of world-famous magic duo Penn and Teller reveals an atheist’s. God, No! by Penn Jillette – The New York Times bestselling reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments from the larger, louder half of the world-famous magic. Even if you believe in God, you might still be atheist. That’s what Penn Jillette argues in his new book God, No! Signs You May Already Be an.

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I don’t need or want salvation. All these books have an irreverent tone that is similar to the book reviewed. I enjoyed the book and have been a fan of the author for a long time. Packaging his good ideas in sleaze, however, is distracting and cheapens the product.

Like the random Bruce Springsteen chapter…. Maybe I know that this force in the universe will give everlasting life and cares very much where I stick my fucking cock. August 16, pdnn First, I feel I should express my opinion of Penn Jillette.

God, No! Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales by Penn Jillette

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is where the book becomes a manifesto, a call to action. Finally, coveting the neighbor’s such-and-such and so-and-so finds a clever translation: God Is Not Great: There are points, however, that I really, really enjoyed in the book.

I’m not even sure why he went this direction as he could have removed a very small amount of the book and sold it as “Penn’s thoughts and stupid human tricks. But Jillette goes out of his way to be a jerk, he uses the most emphatic curse words in ways designed to alienate- so much so that I was often taken out of the narrative flow to examine why, exactly, I was feeling so repelled.

At the halfway point, honoring one’s parents earns powerful elucidation.

His interview made it sound like it would be just that – a touching, I’m going to leave this ji,lette My biggest complaint is how the back half of the book is so loaded with his libertarian drivel.


Interesting insight about Nixon and I mean interesting. A biography of sorts.

There’s a couple more really good stories in here, a lot of filler, and some frothing ppenn the mouth bat-shittery. Read more Read less.

As a book on general atheism, I would not recommend it at all. Well written, fascinating and even uncomfortable to jilletts at times, but Penn is never God, No! Penn Jillette has long been an admired champion of individual liberty, with much to offer on the subject. Yet even these stories tend to shed light on or illustrate the thesis of pdnn particular suggested Penn Commandment.

Jillette even takes a page from some proponents of religion, urging atheists to preach and proselytize. Be the first to discover new talent! We should preach and proselytize too”. Any use of an author photo must include its respective photo credit God, No!

Magician Penn Jillette Says ‘God, No!’ To Religion

Therefore, “safety in doubt” counters the dangers perpetrated by those celebrating beliefs as foundations for morality, and as justifications for policy.

The author has certainly led a colorful life, and has been extraordinarily lucky, and so being a fan I found it interesting to learn more about him. Passages like this and the passion for ideas Jillette displays throughout the book mean he likely will be tagged by many as a “militant atheist,” using the term pejoratively. I think it could have been an important work to show theists that religion is not the be-all and jollette of morality.

It’s mostly outlandish and questionable stories about his sexual life that you have to challenge he makes himself seem like an ’80 tommy leehis non-stop namedropping briefly he states how he doesn’t like namedroppers ironicallyjiolette his weekend events. I think it’s supposed to have gd theme. And boy, do atheists hate when you call their belief a religion. The book concludes with two short vignettes, perhaps to help ease our mental images after that previous anecdote.


Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. In fact, the book was much more about the author’s anecdotal experiences than it was about either convincing or identifying atheist tendencies in the reader. The 80 Best Books of He has shaped his argument with care.

We have all the glory that is real and is us. You have to say it all the time. Still well worth reading, and I enjoyed it even more than I have the books Penn wrote with Teller about various aspects of illusion and stage magic. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. There’s one about him burning prnn dick on a blow dryer. I want to believe otherwise, because I can’t imagine reading this book and believing anything other than Penn being an extraordinarily heartfelt, honest, loving jillwtte.

As a result, each jilpette here consists of stories, some personal and some not, on the theme of Jillette’s suggestion for each of jillegte Ten Commandments.

It’s mostly outlandish and questionable stories about his sexual life that you have to challenge he makes himself seem like an ’80 tommy leehis non-stop Let me start by saying I was a more of a fan then hater before the book, now I’m about even. Can we move on? In any case I had high expectations for this fod. I used to wonder: You iillette leaving open the possibility of Jesus Christ as lord, and Thor, and invisible gremlins living in your toaster.

Originally posted at A Progressive on the Prairie. He tells with compassion and hard-earned maturity, for once, of the life and deaths of his older sister, his father, and his mother.