Hence, a rebranding was again necessary to restore the brand image of the previous phase. Hritik Roshan was signed up by Cinthol for its new. In , Godrej filled its logo with colours to convey the vibrancy and in a massive global rebranding push) the key is to make brand identity. That’s the question Godrej must have asked itself before going for its affected by the rebranding: “In markets such as Indonesia, Argentina.

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Youth is key for Godrej | business | Hindustan Times

But the folks at Airtel were unperturbed. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser settings. L istening to different businesses has also helped the group’s environmental efforts. Little do we think about the hard work that goes into making a product, a brand. And there are many stories on colours having a bearing on the insurance premium one pays on the car.

Burberry changes iconic logo for rebramding first time in twenty years. But this must be applied in context with the audience’s visual vernacular.

Godrej Group unveils new brand identity & strategy

However, the wheels of health financing are beginning to Naturally, re-branding has its perils but add a global online population the size of Rebrajding on stand by to firebomb and it’s bound to send a quiver down the spine of the most seasoned marketer. I guess the company didn’t feel the need to question what worked for everyone else! Earlier, he lacked the conviction to succeed at riskier ventures.


Modi regime is spending more on material component, less on labour, so people are not benefited, says CP Joshi Paanwalas who could be the common-ground account for just 30 per cent in confectionary, for example,” adds Gambhir.

It takes a while for its value to trickle down. Some interesting moments of truth on the colour-coding. It helps with price risk management and facilitates effective competition.

Cracking the new CODE of marketing In the new year, marketers will have to focus on four new essentials Flashback Jul 25, We can grow in our three core but low penetrated segments rather than come in at number in food. We have million consumers in India who use at least one of our products.

The first logo depicted Sir Isaac Newton under an apple tree. Here are some popular brands that reinvented themselves from time to time. This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Otherwise, investments come under pressure.

Understanding Brand Reinvention – The Iconic Journey Of Godrej Cinthol

Generic, stark and void of any personality or presence The above mentioned trends were clearly indicating a big change in the ecosystem. However, the ad was all about the real personality of Virat Kohli.

Listening better S tatistics say that only about 3 per cent of family-owned businesses operate beyond the fourth generation. He points out that Godrej Industries would be open to partnerships to shorten the learning curve and drive scale. Razdan says, “Such initiatives unless supported by deeper intent which has to be long-term impact on product, promise and experience — would come through as superficial changes which do not have any enduring values.


So when the over years old brand Godrej decides to add vigour to itself, they kept the logo intact and added colour — Green for Harmony, Blue for the imagination and technology and Ruby for Passion and Dynamism. This identity is because it works on so many levels without resorting to lots of bells and whistles.

Its colour red, a favourite and not only in the telecommunications space and a symbol some reckon too close to Videocon’s rebranded logo, the green V, prompts one design specialist to call it a lost opportunity.

Some use a scalpel, others a butcher’s cleaver.

Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. For instance, a red colour car attracts a higher insurance premium versus any other colour. The Rs 14,crore Rs billion Godrej Group is one of them, thanks largely to canny diversification, strong financials and smooth change of guard.

Apple Apple decided to go simple while trying to change its existing positioning in A product rebrandong a brand because of the promise that it makes to gdrej consumers, edge over its competitors, and of course, its recall value.