A mysterious Dark Horseman slays young girls near the village of Dikanka, and he has already butchered 11 ladies. Nikolai Gogol, a scribe from Saint. (The “Viy” is a monstrous creation of popular fancy. It is the name which the inhabitants of Little Russia give to the king of the gnomes, whose eyelashes reach to. (The “Viy” is a monstrous creation of popular fancy. It is the name which the inhabitants of Little Russia give to the king of the gnomes, whose.

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One ought to cross oneself incessantly and spit exactly on her tail, and then not the least harm can happen. She is getting up! After the events of the first film, Nikolai Gogol finds a case: Nearly all of them wore torn or dirty clothes, and their pockets were always crammed with all kinds of things — push-bones, pipes made out of pens, remains of confectionery, and sometimes even young sparrows.

Yes No Report this. The half — moon shone pale and high in the sky. The philosopher Thomas had to take part in the feast, and as the Little Russians when they are intoxicated always begin to kiss each other or to weep, the whole room soon began to echo with demonstrations of affection.

Well, we have had a long enough walk; it is time to go home. With alarm he saw that it actually was as they had said — his hair was quite grizzled. The words which the latter overheard filled him with a certain fear:. Moreover, he was of a very melancholy disposition, and when he had got intoxicated he hid himself in the most tangled thickets so that the seminary officials had the greatest trouble in finding him.


They are learned people, and they know exactly what is to be done.

As the philosopher was about to climb over the Hedge, his teeth chattered, and his Heart beat 60 violently that he felt frightened at it. But then she meets Sasha, a hockey player, who decides gool teach her to believe in herself and her dream again.

Viy (story)

But being aware that he could not say any more, he got up cautiously and went out, swaying to the right and left in order to find a hiding-place in the thick steppe grass outside the town.

The philosopher could not recover his self-possession, and kept on gazing anxiously at it. Each drew out of his pocket a wooden spoon, or a one-pronged wooden fork. Viij only wore a small crop of hair, as though his character was at present too little developed. A sudden chill shot through him. Googol know all about it, for here, in Kieff, all the old women in the market-place are witches.

Gogol reads the spell himself, why Viy disappears, but Nikolai gogo, falls dead. When he is shown the corpse, however, he finds it is the witch he overcame earlier in the story.

The philosopher trembled, and was seized by an uncomfortable feeling which he could not define.

There were a number of wits in the company — a class which is always represented in Little Russia. On the first night, when the cossacks take her body to a ruined church, he is somewhat frightened but calms himself when he lights more candles in the church to eliminate most of the darkness. This was merely a literary device.

He approached gogoo dead girl, and after coughing once more, began to read, without paying attention to anything else, and firmly resolved not to look at googl face. Before the house stood a large pear-tree of pyramidal shape, whose leaves incessantly trembled. You are big and heavy enough to break the house down.


Meanwhile, one of them addressed to the coachman on the box a brief command: I only tell you that if you think of disobeying, I will have you so soundly flogged on the back with young birch-rods, that you need not think of having a bath for a long time.

Danishevsky also rudely rejects the proposal to take Lisa with him. goglo

Viy (story) – Wikipedia

gogkl I am not afraid, by heavens, I am not afraid! The dawn was red in the sky, and in the distance glimmered the gilt domes of the churches of Kieff. A whole troop of them would go off in close ranks like a regiment; they cooked their porridge in common, and encamped under the open sky.

Every summer, there is usually a large procession of all the students moving around the area as they travel home. The philosopher Thomas Brutus was a more cheerful character. Khalava and Thomas often pulled his hair as a mark of their special favour, and sent him on their errands. Wounded Darina is saved Dr.

You have grown quite grey! Although the philosopher had seized the opportunity of fortifying himself beforehand with a stiff glass of brandy, yet he felt a certain secret fear which increased as he approached the church, which was lit up within. Then he gave it up and lay down to sleep. They had passed the thick hedges and trees, and the country became more open. It gogll obvious that he took very little or no food.