In ShivYog, all sadhaks must have a GOLDEN BOOK. The Golden book is the book where you write your own destiny. By doing sadhana with. This Pin was discovered by Geeta Shorey. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. – Buy Shiv Yog Golden Sutras book online at best prices in india on Read Shiv Yog Golden Sutras book reviews & author details and.

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I started following up the episodes. Then the feel for attending the Shibir got intensified and was waiting for the shibir to be conducted in Ahmedabad. But to my surprise the program coincided with my training program in Amsterdam i. I was very upset and I wrote in the Golden book “I am attending the Shibir at Ahmedabad” then you know what the Volcanic erruption in the Iceland made all the difference Neither a miracle nor a coincidence. It is what you created! Thanks for posting it here. A great example of how one can create your own destiny!

Sudharshan, This is available in divine shop Sold at shivirs Namah Shivaya. I hav been follown ur site very religisouly and always wait for d updates. I have shivyg yet attented ny shivir but I watch him on TV and read articles.

M desprately waiting for Sep-Oct shivir schedule bcoz I have to plan accoringly. Once again I thank you for the updates and keep dng d good work. Again, as mentioned it is all Babaji’s wish and grace. Which part of Shivyig are you from? His grace is going to flow through you soon.

Do attend the shivir and have a blissful time! Menaga, I tried replying to your mail managa97 gmail.

ShivyogThe Golden Book | Life Rules | Pinterest | Books, Life rules and Wellness

Can you give me some other email ID? Deeksha means initiation or transferring of spiritual energy by a Guru to activate the powers within the human body and move on the cleansing path. More details are here shivyogg Namah shivaya thank u babaji for giving me faith hope unconditional love and i wanted to share a thing i got a proposal for a boy to get married everyone in my amil like him too but theywere confused as i had to setel in Africa after marriage i ust prayed to babaji saying that he will guite to take the right decision and trust me when i asked questions in my mind and was talking to babaji in my thoughts abt this matter i could c babaji giving me a smile and asking me to go ahaead and here i am today happly married and settled in Africa Gayatri Makhija Mehak Jagtiani.

Thanks Gayatriji for sharing that wonderful experience. Namah shivaya I have one query. I am undergoing a divorce shivyogg to infidel husband. I will be buying a Meru have done shivyog recently.

I want to know will this help me get a decent life shivyoh a life partner to spend the rest of my life with? Please come back to this page within a week I’ll update it with more details on this book from Babaji and you will have your answer in it.

Dear anonymous, the answer to what you seek has been updated in the above article. Babaji se jo maangna hai maang lene, guidance aapko kahin na kahin se mil jaayega. I would like to know what we should do about: Our desires that we wrote on the Golden Book that manifested.


The desires with a time limit that did not manifest. Do we cross them out golde just leave it and start on another page for new wishes. With time golren evolving of the consciousness, many desires will no more remain as desires and will fade out. It is best to take the ones that manifested or the ones that are no more desirous off completely from the Golden Book by tearing off the page and rewriting.

It is best to keep in there only what you want and nothing else: After reading your article, I can’t stop myself to share my experiences with you. Babaji came into my life when I was really in the verge of death, there was no alternate solution beyond that at that time.

It happened in OctI came to know about Babaji through one of our family friend. When I glden my guruji’s place at Palamaner,he healed me with the blessings of babaji and he also gave the beautiful smiling photo of babaji. Can you believe, I didnt do or don’t know the correct way all I remember is shivgog I used to xhivyog to babaji as if I am talking to him that he is in bolk of me. Then slowly things began to change in my life. All the desire I had was to see my babaji and listen to him.

And, I was fortunate to attend the recent shivir at Banglore in the month of Aug with my two children. Can you believe after coming from the shivir, our house owner asked us to vacate the house, there was a lot of disturbances in my job situation and finally I was relieved. The month of October was a nightmare to me and I kept asking Babaji why and why it is happening again? I couldnot find any answer and left all the situations at his feet.

We were desperately searching for the house and on the last day booj son suggested about a house that was three lanes ahead to us. When I personally went to visit the house, The house was awesome, though the rent was quite high, I could hear the inner voice speaking to me that this is what is waiting for you.

And regard to the job, presently I have been taken as a Consultant and was feeling low for the time bound position that I have been taken for and after the discussion I had yesterday with my team leader she said that she was willing to consider for a permanent position in bookk year ahead.

Yesterday, when I went home, I could see my babaji smiling at me with same grace and I love you babaji for everything. Now, the question with me for you is, why I have been to such a dirty phase when it has to happen? Thank you for ahivyog your love. Babaji says “If you accept this period and the situations as the work of the divine and continue without opposing or trying to control it or grumbling about it, you will have great grace of the guru falling upon you.

I have a qustion to you,Jacob How will I rewrite my golden book? One Sadhak adviced me to tare the sheets and burn it and then rewrite. But now again I want to rewrite the Golden Book as I have realised that I have not written it to the finest detail. Shall I repeat the same method as adviced before? Please advice-Waiting for your soonest yolden.


Namah Shivay, i dnt know where to start. When you “try” then you are the doer, also the “try” brings in self-effort, expectations and thus frustrations. Namah Shivay I will be attending the Mumbai Shivir of shiv yog and i’m preparing my golden book I’m looking for a job in a particular field marketing but i’m unable to frame it in the golden book, as in “I hav a job in the marketing division of X company”.

Golden Book

Kindly help me solving my above query Shivyg, i am from Malaysia. I would appreciate if we can Prativa Sadhna class for us. Also I hear about others having local meeting with Yolden or Sadhak in their area. Do you know where I can get more information regarding this as I would like to get more involved in the New York area. I understand Shiv Yog but have problems thinking positively. I believe I need to be around positive energy in order to overcome this.

Also I have trouble mediating.

For meditation I will be going to a local mediation center to get myself started. Thank you for you help and advice. Om Nama Shivaya Veeno. Dear Veeno, All shall be fine. Remember, it is the Guru who picks the disciple and not otherwise: About Golden Book the sadhaks out there in US would be able to help you.

If not, you could still buy a wonderful diary and make it your GB till you shibyog the shivir. Could you come on Facebook. I added you on Facebook. Can you explain “Remember, it is the Guru who picks the disciple and not otherwise” a bit further as I am new to all this.

Dear Veeno, You can get in touch with local sadhaks in US. Even if gokden don’t get a GB right now, you may buy a good diary and treat it as boik GB till you are able to buy one at the upcoming shivir.

Golden Book | ShivYog Videos

Rest all that you seek hook start happening soon and you will see those changes after shivir: Hi Jacob, Is it necessary to attend shivir or attend all the courses? If I pray to Babaji sitting at home will Babaji hear my prayers? Hi Jacob, Is it required to meet Babaji personally to share our problems or can we pray from anywhere?

You may use the Golden book and pray from where you are. Can you please tell me. Hi Jacob, I stay in Bangalore, it is difficult for me to visit ashram. If i want to talk to Babaji, can i call at Babaji’s ashram in Gurgaon.

Babaji does not meet nor attend any calls. Rather, he teaches his disciples how to connect to him in meditation and never physically. Recently i have started watching Baba on the TV. I am very much impressed and i am wrapped up with so many problems u know.

I dont know anything about shiv yoga. I have already taken diksha from Ramaakrishna mission. I cant attend shivirs in other places also.