This page contains all the Steps to Perform HMMWV (Humvee) PMCS During Operation for numerious types of HMMWV vehicles for the Army, Air Force and. TM Change 1 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES (PMCS) a. Designated Intervals. NOTE Designated intervals. tion in fiber containers (inner pack) in the HMMWV ammunition rack is restricted to other than public highways. TM c/(d blank).

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Before beginning again, decide that the situation is ridiculous and simply wait the appropriate amount of time to give the impression that you had in fact looked again. Go to the first vehicle and hmmev the four-digit bumper number that will not correspond to the number you have on your DD Form Realize after pulling out the dipstick that you do not have anything to wipe the fluid off with in order to take a proper reading.

Do not attempt to point out his error in logic as you will fail. The Motors Sergeant will inquire harshly as to why you had not previously come to acquire your DD Form Once this is accomplished, start the engine.

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Do your best to act busy and, if asked, tell him you are just about to turn in the paper work. Look up at the 50 or more Humvees in the Motor Pool and come to terms with the fact that you must now go inside each vehicle to individually match the NSN to the one on your DD Form Allow yourself to believe that perhaps you suffered a bout of temporary insanity and miss read a vehicle’s NSN. If the either fluid is low, curse your life as there’s a chance that finding the fluid to replace it with will be a task itself.

Return to the Motors Section and find a more competent person. Repeat the above, except this time you will find the vehicle. Begin your PMCS by struggling to open the vehicle’s driver side door.


You will not remember which one, so you will check them both now. Return to the Motor Pool to look again. If the level looks fine already just forget about it and put the stick back in.

Preventative Maintenance Check for TM 9-2320-280-10 PMCS FOR M998 SERIES VEHICLES Mobile App

To do this, attempt to open the door to the building. Climb inside with your friends who are already waiting.

You probably will not have to drive unless told to do it any way. Afterward they will volunteer to help you check the lights and turn signals. You will not find the vehicle. The final step in conducting a proper PMCS is to approach the side of the vehicle and, using your foot, create a furrow in the dirt roughly the size of your body and leading under the vehicle. One of the fluids should be checked only after the engine has had time to heat up.

Request that he turn down his Rap music so that you can inform him on the issue. He will exchange your DD Form with one assigned the new vehicle. He will look at gmmwv vehicle number and immediately tell you that the vehicle was taken out the day before.

Army Pmcs Manual Hmmwv ยท GitBook (Legacy)

Realize that the Motors Section has updated the bumper numbers in their computers, but have no yet physically painted the new numbers on the bumpers. If you have this person’s cell phone number, call them or send a text message letting them know the above NCO is looking for them.

This will give the impression that you have inspected the undercarriage. Opening the hood requires two people on each side, so consider not checking the fluids. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Community General Fiction Poetry. Tell this person that you already checked h,mwv.

After finishing your cigarette and your discourse, return to the Motors Section building to find the Motors Sergeant smoking next to containers of diesel fuel. If you are demonstrating a proper PMCS to a new soldier, be sure to have him return to the Motors Section at this point and request the following: Flag down someone to help you.


If you do not like this person, tell the NCO where this person is. The number is simply the last letter of your last name followed by the last four digits of your social security number.


He will then tell you he is looking for a junior soldier. Walk around the perimeter of the vehicle inspecting it for any blatantly obvious deficiencies. Avoid writing in the time at pmccs moment to give the flexibility of turning in the completed form at any time.

Listen as he tells you the vehicle is present, despite your empirical knowledge to the contrary. Make sure to kick the tires as you walk around. When this fails, make a fist and pound on the door an additional pmc times. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Scatter like the four winds. This is hmmwg military version of a vehicle VIN number and no less complicated a series of characters. Approximately one to seven hours later, or whenever you feel like there are no other vehicles still to be checked, complete the DD Form by entering a time frame of between 25 and 35 minutes and return the form to the Motors Section.

They are useful for conversation as well providing you with a pen, which you are required to have on your person pmcd all times but do not because just cuz.

Your review has been posted. After receiving no response, leave the Motors Hmwmv building and proceed to a designated smoking area to have a cigarette and discuss with fellow soldiers how cold it is outside and the ridiculousness of all Army assigned tasks. The interior of the Humvee should now be warm.