It is almost ten years since I first read Lowry’s The Homiletical Plot. It was in preparation to teach an elective course for our two week “Winterim.” The “aha!. The Homiletical Plot provides a plotline for narrative sermons which suggests the preacher might typically move through five discernible stages. The Homiletical Plot The Sermon as Narrative Art Form a.k.a. “The Lowry Loop” by Eugene L. Lowry A book summary by Rob Guenther.

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While this text pllt be vetted without several caveats, it is a useful text in preaching the narrative genre well.

What did they do prior to this?

The Homiletical Plot, Expanded Edition (Paper)

If you’ve grown up in church, you might unfortunately be familiar with sermons or homilies that sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown, as someone drones on about a biblical passage. Therefore, homileticians can derive many differing and equally valid! This addition is very helpful, clarifying elements of the book and providing an overview of the New Homiletic field.

This book is a good tool for a beginning preacher or someone looking for a classic text in homiletics.

Does this pursuit of deeper issues in the listener leave enough time to actually explain the text itself? Explicit problem has implicit theme. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Law makes the difference between the gospel being kindly words and redemptive words. What is my personal involvement in the situation? What—in light of the intersection of human condition with the gospel—can be expected, should be done, or now is possilbe?

I just finished reading this book.

His work overlaps considerably with Fred Craddock. The other lets the story develop and tell itself. Whoever gave that advice is an idiot! But less involved and more ordered. How can I reverse them?

There are two kinds of preachers. The text of the book remains unchanged, with the only significant change being an additional afterword.

The Homiletical Plot, Expanded Edition Paper – Eugene L. Lowry : Westminster John Knox Press

However, it is important to note that Lowry is not suggesting the forcing of any text into his 5-stage loop. This gives the clue to solve the problem. I love your book reviews. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Sometimes ambiguity will be like Columbo. Deductive — Starts with the Word. Some tell the story of getting from the hotel to the market, but never say what city they were in.

A good movie does the same… Sixth Sense — The shift comes when you realize the main character is dead. The danger of example sermons in an appendix is that they will turn off some readers and narrow homoletical potential readership. Knowing how to tell illustrations vividly and imaginatively certainly helps to concretize the story and brings an otherwise grayscale, two-dimensional illustration into three-dimensional, vibrant color.

  BGI 5182 PDF

Buy a copy and check it out. Others talk about how grand and awesome the trip was with no p,ot.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Disclosing the Clue to Resolution. Unknown Resolution — A movie with no known sequels. It seems rather a stretch to seemingly force the living text of Scripture Heb 4: None of these are attempts to be clever, but allowing yourself to take off the blinders and to be surprised hojiletical the gospel. Click here to sign up. Critical book review by Gregory E. The Homiletic Plot was homileticsl released inthen re-released twenty-one years later.

I found it fascinating and poot I could prepare a sermon like that. On the other hand it highlights the dividing line between New Homiletic and those of us who would hold back from being counted in that camp.