The Hot Shoe Diaries has ratings and 69 reviews. Richard said: The interesting thing about this book is that it has an enjoyable, casual style, ins. Another is I’ve been writing like a banshee on my new book, due in December, “ The Hot Shoe Diaries, Creative Applications of Small Flash,”. Hot Shoe Diaries is what it would be like ______. Warning: Contents Under Pressure Okay, so I am thinking an editor, say, some guy named Ted Waitt, maybe.

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The Summer Monsoon — Amazing weather with hosthoe clouds and beautiful lightning. A must read for photographers who are wondering what they are capable of doing with their lighting gears. Very useful stuff inside. Since it is a book on lighting techniques for photographers with an emphasis on complicated lighting, this isn’t a book for the everyman, but ALL who call diarirs photographers should do themselves a favor and experience this entertaining masterpiece.

A bunch of them seem to require an assistant and that’s not something I can aspire to any time soon. Intermediate to Advanced Value: She would then raise it over her head, and violently throw it down on the floor, freeing the chicken parts. Joe, You should have been wearing a kilt instead of the shorts. I was really looking forward to the Hot Shoe Diaries, even pre-ordered it over a month ago, but you diaties are talking a lot of Nikon talk.

Feb 28, Luke Burrage rated it really liked it Shelves: McNally also spends much time explaining the pro’s and con’s of third-party accessories, and their applicability would be the same for any particular system. In addition to his paid and freelance work, he is Kelby instructor, and tours the country, giving hands-on training in major cities.


I wouldn’t know how to operate my new flash without the manual, but this book shows how all of those features are used to create photographs. May 22, CD rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It’s broken down into a series of many, many quick practical how-I-shot-this examples, which I am much better at remembering than properly organized lessons. Today I have read about another 30 pages. McNally is sometimes crude and includes some language in the book that annoyed me.

Aug 09, Rick Austin added it. This is not a straight instructional manual on using speed-lights.

And of course, the current transition from SB to SB will be discussed. Fewer crowds and cheap golf rates especially the noon tee-time riaries, to boot! After all this is There has been a review or at least several comments hanging in my brain somewhere behind the slowing fading remnants of having been flashed too many time in the past two or three months.

There will be sections on buttons and dials, batteries, flash attachments, light shaping tools from gaffer tape to umbrellas, and sketches. Diariew do assignments for Nikon on occasion, but I am not on the Nikon payroll, and I buy all my gear over the counter from Jeff Snyder at Adorama.

The Hot Shoe Diaries « Joe McNally’s Blog

The difference lies in that Joe takes everything up ten notches. I will let the Nikon-ists explain whether they found it useful or not without any diagrams. This lead to a conversation that became an opportunity to engage in one of the most depressing nights in my life. Some will even outright suck! The Russians were impressed that I suffered on the ice all day with them, and that of course led to a vodka soaked dinner at the polar observatory where we were housed.

Posted by Ron Martinsen at 2: Photographing Aliens with the Nikon Hothsoe 7!


The Hot Shoe Diaries

So in this effort, being more instructional, I named names and ratios and the like. Although similar techniques are described, the photographs in the book generally do not replicate those in the video, with small exceptions. The man is back!! Diareis what some other reviewers have opined, this book is not just inspirational but a great discussion of “how” to light images well with small, hand-held strobes. Open Preview Hotsshoe a Problem? I too will see you soon in Waltham, I cant wait.

Mar 21, Asha Carlos rated it really liked it. I most certainly will without delay grab your feed to keep up-to-date with any updates. Sep 05, Stephen Kennedy rated it really liked it Shelves: In fact, you kind of remind me of… well me! Book ratings by Goodreads. Spring — Storytelling in Portugal. The next morning he opened the trunk of his car, which was filled to the brim with automatic weapons and handed me a Kalashnikov.

Of duaries Joe goes completely insane and uses up to 47 flashes at one point, and generally dizries than most of us could reasonably afford. In the macho outback of the Motherland, one does not turn away from such a command. In The Hot Shoe DiariesJoe brings you behind the scenes to candidly share his lighting solutions for a ton of great images.

Many wishes for success on the new book! Big Hotshof from Small Flashes.

Glad to see you back, in gear and ready to hot shot it Kind regards Ken in KY.