Dec 31, Operating and service manual for the HPA Synthesizer/Function Generator. Complete with schematics. Who I HEWLETT mllnM PACKARD OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL MODEL A SYNTHESIZER/FUNCTION GENERATOR Serial Numbers: AH. HP / Hewlett Packard / Agilent Used A Synthesizer/Function Generator, Refurbished – Used Test Equipment at Test Equipment Depot.

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Full text of “HP A Synthesizer/Function Generator Operating and Service Manual”

Do NOT use a In order to use the Oven Option This information may be found on the rear panel. Add the two readings to obtain volts peak to peak. Program examples are shown in Appendix B-3, using the h Model A Calculator as the system controller. If the calculator is equipped with a String Variable ROM, the interrogate program may be changed to the following.

Electronic counter should indicate 20 The sweep increment is in. Power is applied to some circuits at any time the instrument is connected to the ac power source.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Press whichever function key is presently active, indicated by a lighted indicator in the center of the key. Enables all service request conditions. Amplitude Modulation Envelope Distortion Test.


This section contains the procedures required to adjust the A to meet its specifications in Table The A does not respond to the Pass Control message. The tilt stand raises the front of ho instrument for easier viewing of the control panel. Calculate each manuzl for y using the equation: R was added to increase the usefulness of the Amp-In test point by providing a load for current sources feeding the output amplifier.

HP 3325A User Manual

This section h tests which are in-cabinet procedures to determine whether the instrument is operating properly. Program examples using a specific Hewlett- Packard calculator as the system controller may be found in the Supplemental Programming Information, Appendix 3-A at the rear of this section.

Printer records the results of the serial poll. X Drive Output Sweep up only!: Set frequency to 99,9 Hz and function to square.

Connect an ac digital bp to the A signal output via a 50 ohm feedthru termination. Set A frequency to Hz, 1 kHz, and kHz and read ac voltage.

The newer connectors are incompatible with the older cables as are the newer cables incompatible with the older connectors.


The Performance Tests include the following: The digital voltmeter reading should be within the tolerances shown for each voltage. For instruments with serial numbers A to A, refer to Service Note A-9 if necessary for a modification procedure to prevent oscillator failures.

Set the amplitude to 40Vp-p and the frequency to Hz. The line voltage selection switches are set at the factory to correspond to the line voltage option ordered. A2l Al Board Revisions. See Figure for schematic and board location.

Adjust the oscilloscope controls to measure the high and low voltage levels of the sine square wave. The instrument can be rack mounted with or without a handle kit by use of the following items: Set the A frequency to The A does not have Trigger capability. Enter 5 V offset in the A.

General Interface Management Lines.