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Door Cartridge – Small front access door drop down door – for accessing print cartridge window – for print cartridge access door.

HP Deskjet cxi manuals

Roller – Pinch roller – Provides downward pressure on media as it passes by upper paper guide. Resolution-specified Bitmap Font Definition Table Of Contents Font Selection By Attribute Rod Scanner – Scanner rod – shaft that the scanner assembly rides on.

Wingframe – Left wingframe assembly – Supports paper from the print mechanism prior to exiting to the paper tray frame assembly. Spring – Rod spring – Installed on right side of backbone. Hp Pcl Commands Print Dialog Box Turnaround Assembly – Turnaround assembly – Provides carriage belt tension – Does not include spring.

HP Deskjet 970cxi Printer User Manual

Paper – Greeting card paper pack Ivory, Matte – A size 8. Sensor Spot mznual Spot sensor assembly is attached to the carriage assembly.


Door Carriage – Main front access door – covers the top of the printer and provide access to the carriage when open. Page 42 Using and Caring for Your Print Cartridges Manually Cleaning the Print Cartridges and Print Cartridge Cradle In order to properly clean the print cartridges and cradle, you will need distilled or bottled water and cotton swabs or a similar lint-free absorbent material that will not stick to the cartridges.

Go online, anytime, and you will also find helpful user forums—a. Spring – Tray spring – Installed near front of paper tray frame – Used in conjunction with the drawer cam to hold the paper input tray assembly in position. The lights provide you with visual cues about the state of your printer. Underline Position sbyte Limited Warranty Statement Move Cap 970cdi rows Pull out this tray for easy loading.

Print Mechanism – Print mechanism assembly – complete mechanism with carriage movement, paper picking and service station – does not include covers, printer base, print heads, ink cartridges, or any consumables. Lower feed roller assembly – for lower paper input tray. Don’t have an account? To get to this dialog box: Roller – Pivot and feed roller assembly – Includes pivot and shaft with 4 rollers, gears, encoder disk, bearings – Feeds the media under the carriage assembly mannual print cartridges.

Cable USB – This interface cable is 970cxl standard 2. Using An Appletalk Connection Index Online specifications replacement Print Cartridge Ph weight of status paper guides status icons Resume paper jams status light recovering from storing paper size using maintenance paper sizes Print dialog box print cartridges and minimum margins print margins printer by paper type print modes manual two-sided printing paper trays Plate – Pressure plate – Mounts in the rear of the paper input tray – Used to push the paper stack into the feed roller.


Effect Of Command Options Press the Resume Button on the front of the printer to clear the paper jam.

HP Deskjet 970cxi manuals

Nevertherless, I visted the Windows Catalog and found drivers for my printer. Replacing Print Cartridges Motor – Carriage motor assembly Includes pulley. Pad – Lubricating felt pad C-shaped – Lubricates the carriage assembly as it moves across the carriage rod. Hp Year Warranty Control Panel – Control panel assembly – control buttons manuual display on top front of the unit.

Cable Interface – Parallel cable – connects from your printer to computer via your parallel port. Tower – Belt attachment tower – Used to attach the carriage belt to the carriage assembly.