From: saydi. Date: 5/5/ AM. I’m getting a “Incorrect PDEObject Type” error when I try to replace, extract or delete 2 specific pages. This 2 page pdf. When I try and delete pages out of a PDF file, I get the error: incorrect PDEobject type The pages won’t delete. Does anyone know how to. Selecting Touch Up Object Tool, Right clicking and selecting Insert Image, select a jpeg file (or any other picture file), and get error “Incorrect PDE Object type”.

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Plz see my posts and screen shots. Or, how can I create a file of multiple business cards on the one page where they can have a different employees details on each card?

Please advise I am getting very frustrated and losing a lot of time with this.

Insert Image to PDF File | CSS | Graphic Design | HTML | Photoshop | PHP

For more help, check http: We upgraded from Adobe Acrobat Pdeobiect 8. It has not fixed the problem. I work a lot with long lists of Pdf files, and the preview feature has been a great help. Acrobat standard does have the ability to edit PDF documents as well.

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Contact us about this article. Contact us about this article. Will show it to you now I have a paid account to convert pdf’s to Word. The plan names can be confusing. Connection verification failed for data source – mysql. Hi I have gone through your project.


I have been experiencing an error when attempting to open pdf’s stored in the public folder on our Mac. It doesn’t matter which PC we use to access the pdf’s from and happens regardless of which version of Acrobat is being used, the same error occurs.

I have a ‘master’ PDF with hierarchical bookmarks.

Split a PDF by size and maintain bookmarks? The image then placed without the error message. I have done this in the past but forgotten how to achieve this. Is there a way to preserve them?

In my case it was photoshop. It’s a very simple task for me.

I will give you sample first before set up the project. Hi, I am pleased to work with you. It does work to save the picture as a stamp and then stamp the document, but I need more than this.

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I am proficient in various types of graphic designing work, including: I was preparing a full-resolution PDF for distribution, put the wrong watermark on it and stopped the process after Step 2. I can easily insert an image in your PDF it would take just 5 min. Driver I’ve tried all kinds of instructions from incorrrect and nothing seems to werk.


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Insert Image to PDF File

But I cannot find out how to do it. Free members and Photography Plan members get 2 GB of storage. We could then list our favorites and avoid all the drilling we have to do every time we save. I am looking to Hire Work.

Seems like either the latest update from adobe or one of the latest updates from MS screwed this up. I found an easier solution.

This is my first time using this forum so if you require any further information, please let me know. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Embed this content in your HTML. Here are some links showing examples of what I am trying to do:.

I just want to create interactive pdf files with video and flash filesbut this free trial version is confusing!! How do I do it? Question for the group. Captivate gype – Video Demo Function.