Lebensraum!: A Novel. A passion for land and peace, Book 1. Front Cover. Ingrid Rimland. Samisdat Publishers, Incorporated, – Mennonites – pages. Ingrid Rimland’s Lebensraum! trilogy should help start to change that. Fiction of epic sweep, this three-volume work spans two centuries in the history of her own . Lebensraum! – Book I by Ingrid Rimland This is the first of three novels spanning 7 generations and years. It depicts the founding of two vast wheat empires.

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While historical revisionists have produced no end of factual books analyzing the claim that the Nazis killed six million Jews during the Second World War, they have been notably less successful in creating works of imaginative literature on revisionist themes.

Ingrid Rimland

No matter how leensraum enemies distort what this was all about — my sons died honestly. Can you imagine that? We have this weakness, though: According to the World Cat database of the Online Computer Library Center—a comprehensive database of worldwide library holdings—only three libraries worldwide own this book. That is my firm opinion. They genocided us, and not the other way around. Why are they bombing us?


It Wasn’t Our War! From “Lebensraum” By Ingrid Rimland | German Victims – Deutsche Opfer

I know that there are people in this world attached to the opposite view. Why do they want to kill me? While there is time.

Here is what I ask of you. Inwhen she was five years old, her father was deported to Siberia.

Jesus was Germanic, and probably a freedom fighter, a true Israelite, in Palestine against the invading Jews and genociders of the German Israelite tribes. You must ask your small voice to the struggle.

Thick clumps of wet soil followed, rimlanf knew from where. Contrary to some press releases by Jewish Nazi hunters, Mennonites in Paraguay did not know the true identity of Dr. A huge shell crashed into a wall. She saw that Lilo crouched behind a wall surveying her surrounding, still clutching Winston Churchill by the collar.

We will not genuflect. She earned a Master’s and then, ina doctorate of education Ed.

By then, it was almost pitch black; the smoke was that thick, growing thicker. Soviet UnionParaguayUnited States. German Victims — Deutsche Opfer. Der erste Leuchter Report- Vergasen Essential! But then she leaned forward into a small nod:.


It Wasn’t Our War! From “Lebensraum” By Ingrid Rimland

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Erika dared barely breathe as she watched Heidi finish.

A German Distress Call Video: Fukushima Has Made Hawaii, etc. Most of her literary work is autobiographical to various extents.

Ingrid Rimland, the Mennonites, and the Demon Doctor :: Mennonite Life – March , vol. 60 no. 1

This is the direction taken by Dr. They fought like lions, but they fell, because the enemy succeeded in setting brother against brother. Horst Mahler ueber die Bedeutung des Holocaust Video: Es gibt keine Ansteckung! In the nigrid she was converted to the revisionist Holocaust-denial movement and became a significant spokesperson and web site manager for that cause.