INVOIC UN D96A. Page 2 of Segment Group 2: NAD-FII-SG3-SG5. C. O. Name and Address. M. M. 1. Financial Institution Information. C. O. 5. This INVOIC message to Faurecia Supplier is based on ODETTE INVOIC V5 ( subset A), itself based on EDIFACT INVOIC D96A. A message claiming payment for goods or services supplied under conditions agreed between the seller and the buyer.

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A segment identifying names and addresses of the parties, in coded or clear form, and their functions relevant to the invoice. Invoice messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S A group of segments specifying tax related information for the allowance or charge and, when necessary.

INVOIC (Invoice)

Based on the results of the trials, a UNSM may be issued. A segment identifying the charge or allowance and, where necessary, its calculation sequence. A segment specifying discount, interest, penalty as well as instalment percentage. A segment with free invioc information, in coded or clear form, used when additional information is needed but cannot be accommodated within other segments. A segment providing either additional identification to the invoif specified in the LIN segment e.

Invoice message

A segment to identify pricing information such as a price multiplier, the class or type of trade and additionally identifying the reason for any changes. A segment identifying the invojc terms used. Identification of the seller and buyer parties is mandatory for the invoice message. A segment requesting or confirming conditions of payment, guarantee and method of payment for the whole invoice.


This Segment group may be repeated to give sub-line details. A group of segments specifying the rate per unit and basis to which the allowance or charge applies, e. A group of segments specifying a monetary amount for an allowance or charge. In computer to computer exchanges such text will normally require the receiver to process this segment manually. A group of segments specifying tax related information for the line item, and when necessary, the location s to which that tax information relates.

A segment identifying and providing information relating to the documents required by the party specified by the NAD segment. Organisations are invited to trial this message. The Buyer and Seller are known to each other, thus only the coded ID is required, but the Consignee or Delivery address may vary and would have to be clearly specified, preferably in structured format.

A segment identifying the financial institution e. A segment specifying the tax type, category, and rate, or exemption, related to the allowance or charge.

UN/EDIFACT D96A Message INVOIC – Invoice message

A segment indicating special conditions related to the total invoice owing to origin, customs preference or other commercial factors. Other product identification numbers, e. Free text information within the message should be avoided as this inhibits automatic processing. A service segment starting and unvoic identifying a message. A segment enabling the physical measurements of the invoiced item to be specified where this is required for full identification of the product.


A group of segments giving contact details of the specific person or department within the party identified in the NAD segment. It is based on universal commercial practice and is not dependent on the type of business or industry.

A segment to specify the price type and amount. It is recommended that where possible only the coded form of the party ID should be specified e. Harmonized System numberor provides any substitute product identification. A segment specifying general dates and, when relevant, times related to the whole message. A group of segments specifying the markings and labels on individual physical units.


d966a A group of segments identifying the parties with associated information. A service segment placed at the start of the summary section to avoid segment collision. A group of segment for giving references only relevant to the specified party rather than the whole line item.

This message also occurs in the following versions of this standard: