by. Jáchym Topol, . Sestra je bez diskuzí román, ke kterému se člověk musí pročíst a především prožít. .. Sestra je totiž kniha, kterou chci mít po ruce pořád. jachym topol sestra. 2 likes. Book. jachym topol sestra. Privacy · Terms. About. jachym topol sestra. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page?. Jáchym Topol () is often referred to as true modern European classic. when he made a devastating entrance with his first novel Sestra (City Sister Sliver).

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Quotes from City Sister Silver. Feb 17, Angela rated it liked it. They observe strict tribal codes of conduct and interrelation.

The novel begins with the early stages of the Czechoslovak Revolution inas East German refugees are flooding the West German Embassy in Prague in hopes of gaining access to the West. The basic outline of the multilayered, barely-linear plot is this: Despite its dense language sprinkled w From my Instagram account Onebookonecountry If there’s one book you can judge by the cover it is City Sister Silver.

Feb 16, Becky rated it did not like it Shelves: Normal punctuation would seatra been nice too. Zucker’s translation merits praise sesttra only for attempting to convey Sestra in all its complexity but also for largely succeeding at it.

Eventually though, his drinking leads to his loss of Sister, and he runs away and spends time on a farm, on a dump, and eventually back in the City, where he meets up with some of his old friends and finds they’re just as messed up as he is.

Underneath all of the cynicism, savagery, and rapaciousness, the chaos of gruesome scenes and macho talk, one senses something else, perhaps futile these days, but for which it is worth striving even with the awareness that it is a losing battle: Like most newly free societies, City Sister Silver is at once violent, confused, and limitless in possibility — and like most revolutions, it is nearly impossible to quit once begun.

Set around the time that the wall came down some parts of the book are really good, things that I wasn’t aware of.

Jáchym Topol – Wikipedia

What makes City Sister Silver so special is its language, its energy, and its ability to creatively capture the feelings that topo the opening up of Central and Eastern Europe in the 90s. I think you’d have to have been there at the time to understand that part. Apr 02, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: The motley collection of personalities in Potok’s group are referred iachym as being from the sewer, thus coating them with the veneer of mystery and vulgarity. Set in the Czech Republic just after the Germans have left, it’s about Potok, and his search for meaning to his life in this new style of country.


And sometimes, as here, they’re just loathsome and basically kachym what they get.

May 29, Fernando rated it it was amazing Shelves: A series of complicated events – guns, betrayal, organized crime, Laotians – jacbym Potok stranded in a backwater full Deliverance -style hillbillies. Here is my favorite passage, quoted in full because it’s so damn beautiful: Jak To rated it it was amazing May 01, For example, “and” becomes “an” and “all of you” is “alla ya.

The use of culture as a driving force for change is also in there. It jachyk take you two years to get through like it did me, but I think I got something from it.

Jáchym Topol

There are certain things he did omit from annotation, such as ” Bog ” and ” droog ,” both Russian words meaning “God” and “friend” respectively, and rightfully so, as referencing too many terms would have slowed down the reading of the text to a cumbersome pace.

Mar 15, Deanne rated it liked it Shelves: Some of their issues included inscrutability of the plot, violence and darkness of the atmosphere and the frenzied word pacing. Sometimes the whole ” books” thing leads somewhere I’d rather not be. The plot lines are so complex and interwoven that it makes no sense to summarize them; for that matter, the most important element of this novel is not the plot but the colorful and ever-changing way in which Topol articulates the feelings of the young generation by which I mean not only the content, but also the language and the imagery.

The last two hundred pages are an exercise in endurance and patience, the style having exhausted itself and peaked in earlier chapters. Potok’s adventures take dangerous and ill-fated twists as he This novel is set in post-Velvet Revolution Czech Republic. City Sister Silver is volcanic: I think I could read it a dozen more times and get more and more meaning out of it. Return to Book Page. Potok’s adventures take dangerous and ill-fated twists as he pursues his “sister”- the woman he loves.


Topol’s language is dense and apocalyptic, but his influences and intellectual fetishes Vonnegut, Burroughs, Native American lore should connect with American readers. There’s no attempt at getting any empathy going and I think that’s a decision by the author to go that way so what is the point?

The whole thing is seen through the eyes of Potok, who also joins a gang of thieves so that we see Prague through another worldview. This novel is set in post-Velvet Revolution Czech Republic. May 05, Nicole rated it liked it.

The book’s most captivating sections, delivered with spontaneous energy and confidence, are actually the digressions — poems in prose, near-mystical visions — while the text of the main story line is constructed in a highly refined manner, a textbook example of literature. City Sister Silver is the Czech equivalent of Trainspotting, only the historical setting is a little more serious. Difficult, very difficult to read.

CER | Book Review: City Sister Silver by Jachym Topol

City Sister Silver is also a highly personal, individualized book whose protagonist adds a human element to a tumultuous setting where hopol characters seem interchangeable, nothing in byznys or politics is certain, and language is up in the air. Instead, he has created an alternative world, an aesthetic space.

And translation-wise, the American gangspeak often clunks beside the Czech names and references. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The novel is full of storytelling, myths, dreams and nightmares, shifting through a variety of genres. In reconstituting this atomized world, the author ignores conventional boundaries to summon up all the diverse powers of language.

City Sister Silver is wildly meandering, but in a good way.

City Sister Silver

Whether this succeeds, who can say? Language and society build upon each other, and Topol’s frenzied, chaotic narrative is inseparable from the social anarchy that reigned during and shortly after Czechoslavakia’s Velvet Revolution. Vol 3, No 4 29 January Ajchym all 6 comments.