Readers comments: A Fabulous, Important Book, Jesper Juul provides parents with such an amazing, simple, and absolutely vital approach to raising children. Readers’ comments: A Fabulous, Important Book. Jesper Juul provides parents with such an amazing and absolutely vital approach to raising. »Your competent child«. Jesper Juul. CHAPTER ONE: FAMILY VALUES. We are at a unique historical crossroads. Across many different societies, the basic.

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It’s sending me in a tailspin about my own crazy childhood and really touches on the significant anxiety I had ever since about passing on these faulty negative ways of parenting.

So on one hand I’m totally insecure in light of having all my feelings chlld about what is wrong with the parenting that comes “naturally” to me as a result of my childhood and on the other hand I’m enormously thankful for having the opportunity to choose something different for me and my family.

My compstent quote so far I’m underlining the whole book it seems: Children force us to consider our own destructive patterns; they take us beyond compeent limit of pain and make us think about wether we are suitable to be parents in the first place, they expose our shallow, pedagogical attempts at manipulation and insist on our personal presence; they offend us by rejecting our good advice and guidance; they proudly and matter-of-factly assert their right to be different; they act in destructive ways that force us to confront the fact that we have slipped up.


To put it briefly: Nobody in the same timewarp with me here? I know it’s been talked about before Hey,I am a big fan of Jesper Juul.

I love all of his books. I was so excited after reading Your competent child that I wrote him an email thanking him for the wonderful book. I didn’t even expect a reply but eventually he invited us for a lunch to his place. The guy is fantastic. I just started reading Your competent child for the second time.

Your Competent Child : Jesper Juul :

You can find my review on my blog Skinship www. I read the review on your blog and found the website and others via links from there very interesting. I’m going to Austria in August and will definitely order some of his other books there that I haven’t seen in English yet.

So cool that you got to meet Jesper Juul.

Your competent child

I’d love to hear more about the lunch with him. I’m so glad he is doing all this work Another Juul fan here! I’ve read all his books translated in Croatian almost all of his books had been translated in Croatian, I believe it’s because his wife is Croatian and they partly live here.


I’ll write more as soon as I find some time.

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I kesper his books and philosophy of not telling you exactly what to do but directing you to really see, get to know and understand your child. BB code is On.

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