Tang Soo Do Chon Kyong is a non-profit club. The club teaches classes in Schoonhoven and Nieuwpoort, Holland. Tang Soo Do is also called Korean Karate,is. We teach the WTF style poomsae. Kup Poomsae (Tae geuk). Name of Poomsae Number of Movements. Meaning. Tae Geuk Il Jang (pattern 1) Heaven and. This poomsae is characterized by its easiness in practicing, largely . of the earth Poomsae “Jitae” is the movement which supplies these features of the earth.

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Great first lesson back after 2 weeks illness – fitness, drills, padwork, poomse, sparring – hard work jittae fun. Thanks as always to Master Frost.

Good session last night with master temple. Great atmosphere all round kitae a very varied class. Great session with master frost tonightvery beneficial and gave me a lot of food for thought in regards to basics and poomsae.


Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings: Practical Application from Poomsae Jitae

New to kup gradings. Earth Black Belt Poomsae Koryo. Shape of poomsae represents the character for a learned man.

Named after Mount Keumgang. Suggests size and majesty.

Represents the ten symbols of longevity to suggest endless development and growth. Earth, from which everything is born.

Taekwondo Black Belt Form – Jitae

Large circular movements to emphasise the greatness of the Heavens. Water, to suggest fluidity and adaptability.

Oneness of body and mind. Write a new comment: Click here Click here to write your message. Yes – I would like to receive an email when others follow up here.

Taekwondo Black Belt Form – Jitae – Black Belt Wiki

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