Magicolor Magia del cambio de color (Spanish Edition) [Juan Tamariz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Libro de iniciación a la magia. Download Juan Tamariz – Magicolor Search. Home · Juan Tamariz – Magicolor. Juan Tamariz – Magicolor. April 12, | Author: Raul Barroso Sanchez. Results 1 – 30 of Truckycartomagia (Spanish Edition) by Juan Tamariz and a great selection Magicolor Magia del cambio de color (Spanish: Juan Tamariz.

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It seems to me that daviaac is right about the cards being thinner. This page was created in 0. Truckycartomagia spanish edition by juan tamariz mar 4, formats. The Magic Way allows you to make yours spectators dreaming. Performers like Mike Close and Pit Hartling consider him a must read. Thanks for all the info tamsriz – I appreciate it.

Juan tamariz magicolor pdf merge

Juan is the king of presentation to fit whatever trick he’s doing. He is an experienced cardician, a magician specializing in jagicolor with playing cards, and well respected by his peers as an authority in the field of misdirection. The Hands — again about clarity and communication, illustrated by a poker demonstration.

For those interested, Juan says in the book that he believes the effect is Fred Kaps’ “There’s a world of difference between the spectators not knowing how something is done and them knowing that it can’t be done. Anyone using this effect in close-up should use Vernon’s handling of the buckle count.


Documents similar to juan tamariz truki cartomagia 1. A celebrity of television and stage in spain and south america, juan tamariz is known internationally among magicians a. Oil and water His analysis of Magcolor and water makes up more than half the book and is invaluable. Strong Magic and the Books of Wonder are great texts. Steve James Veteran user Posts. A celebrity of television and stage in spain and south america, juan tamariz is known internationally among magicians as a true master of his art, and one who generously shares his time and knowledge, both in print and in person, with the magic community.

Sep 15, I read the Magic Way.

Juan Tamariz – Magicolor

Aug 20, His effects create a feeling of impossibility for the participants. To bad I don’t read spanish.

Magicmike Special user Posts. He doesn’t just teach you a trick.

Any method of dealing 9 cards into four hands is fine, but i think an. Yeah, sorry, my fault I sometimes forget that English isn’t my mother tongue when I talk to you, guys. Magicolor por juan tamariz fue vendido por eur 12,00 cada copia. However it might pass unnoticed due to how it is routined.

I have his books and his tapes.

Spanish cards are a little thinner anyway. This page was created in 0. It cant be examined and it screams “more than 4 cards”!!!

The Magic Cafe Forums – Juan Tamariz’s Four Blue Cards

You’ll definately see that he, like others, has different takes and ideas on how to make magic more deceptive. In fact the game is called The Nine Cards las nueve cartas and you can found it published in the book called Magicolor by Juan Tamariz too. Aug 27, Aug 25, Aug 26, It has been used on TV successfully a few times. I hope it is released one day as I would love to perform this only packet trick I like and I cant have it luke. I’m told he won ‘Card trick of the year’ with it at the Magic Circle, London, in In my version, kindly mentioned by Juha in the thread, I use eight normal cards for the 4 blue cards segment, in close up on a regular basis, this is not a problem but does lead to a ‘can I look at those cards’ situation which thinner cards would not resolve.


I still thank him for responding but I want to know what makes it different from the things in strong magic and all those type of books we have in english?

You can use http: In Unknown Cards, you don’t show the Joker, and you finish the routine showing a total of 5 different backs.