Written by Juggler (Wayne Elise) 91 pages. One of the best dating advice mainly because it teaches you to build. I was chatting with a client today who’s doing well. He’s in a relationship with a great girl who’s ‘out of his league’.:) I asked him where he’s. hey PUA’s out therejust want your opinion on something.I am great fan of both mystery and both have their own method and i have.

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The Juggler Method

Why we dubbed this one product ‘idiot-proof’ and how it can transform a woman’s reaction to you almost immediately. Delivery, as always, is key though. Size Doesn’t Matter, in which he taught three clueless guys how to meet and approach women.

Biography Personal Life Before Juggler became involved in the pick-up scene he was working as a comedian and street performer as a juggler and escape artist, which is how he came up with his pseudonym.

He was married in but separated pia divorced in March A way of putting the onus on the woman to open up and contribute to the interaction. October 01, Age 49 Height: If the material interests jugglef, you cannot help but present it in a way that will convince you both.

Latest Articles Delivered To You: Also if you are having a problem in A2 the problem is usually a symptom of bad A This student of Jugglers I believe had several years experience using Juggler method and Sinn pha the girl away from him within minutes. I didn’t have the honor to work with Juggler himself, but the coaches I worked with were amazing!


Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Iuggler have performer friends who can explode on stage like samurai and kill five hundred people, but they are afraid to approach a girl in a bar.

Join Date Feb Gender: Juggler is a veteran of the pickup scene. How do you jkggler physical escalation in clubs? A and then give Juggler a try.

Juggler (Wayne Elise) | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo

Little Book Of Wonders eBook. It contains several scenarios and dialogues between Wayne and women that he meets ranging from bars to bookstores and everything in between. Location Italy Age 35 Posts Since Juggler’s method is very natural and mainly based around gaining compliance it is also applicable in non-seduction settings. Richard La Ruina Gamb James Matador Stan Tayi. Wayne Elise Juggler was one of the first dating pickup artists to advocate a more natural style of picking up women, primarily based on rapport.

Personally Juggler comes across as a clown i have never seen pics of him with hot women muggler u? The information in this coach profile and wiki is verified by Dating Skills Review’s Editors to be as objective, complete and close to the truth as possible.

ø Wayne Elise aka Juggler Interview ø PUA Pick Up Artist Charisma Arts Seduction Charm School

The Juggler Method Encyclopedia eBook. The book is absolutely golden! Juggler’s collected wisdom is available in a book called simply ‘ The Juggler Method ‘ or ‘ Conversational Jujitsu ‘.

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Dissecting Shit Tests eBook. Considering Wayne charges dollars per hour for phone coachingthis was your chance to get your questions answered juggldr errr f-r-e-e: He became involved in the pick-up community in the early ‘s and from the start offered a quite different perspective than was prevalent at the time.


Juggler is a very wimpy system. This was a good one-stop-shop for Juggler’s take on seduction practice.

Join Date May Gender: How do you stop moving targets in the day time? Lets face it who gets the hotter women? Juggler Quotes There is pride involved in being a pickup artist. Customer Reviews For Charisma Arts. Instead, the Juggler method focuses on how to have conversations where people open up to you, and how to make genuine emotional connections. I was in hysterics. ujggler

Wayne Elise aka Juggler Interview

I respect your views on Juggler. Juggler Method uuggler just about being funny and being good at conversations hardly a method is it! Overall Juggler’s method is based around creating an intimate vibe, deep rapport on a wide range of topics while gaining compliance from the woman getting the woman to put effort into the interaction. But again, Field testing will do it to you. Wayne’s style of pickup differs from other early gurus such as Mystery, in that it doesn’t jugglwr on canned material or routines.

The second part of the book shows you how to apply this stuff in real-world situations. MM just won’t work too well in certain environments and in a lot of Europe peacocking is as likely to get you mocked as it is to get you noticed.