14 Tháng Mười Một Quyển sách tựa gốc tiếng anh là “Powerful Sleep” của tác giả Kacper M. Postawski, dịch tiếng Việt bởi Nguyễn Hưng. Ở đây mình có cả bản. Powerful Sleep by Kacper M. Postawski. Attached, you will find the e-book Powerful Sleep by Kacper M. Postawski in the PDF format. Loading PDF %. Here at Powerful Sleep, we aim to teach everyone the secrets of sleep so that everyone can learn to get more restful sleep in less time. Kacper M. Postawski.

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Nov 06, Amira rated soeep it was amazing Shelves: Cztchoice rated it it was amazing Oct 23, And people who ssleep over 8 hours of sleep start to see a decreased life span.

Everybody should read this book. I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how the “Powerful Sleep” package has started to positively effect my life. Nobody knows exactly why but we believe that people who sleep less have stronger sleep systems that allow them to function normally with less sleep, whether you do it naturally or if you’ve been taught how.

Eero Veider rated it it was amazing Aug 24, I would go to bed earlier and earlier to try to get more sleep. Some experts call this process Acidity and Alkalinity. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Picture healthy blood as a raging stream of crystal clear water running through a clear mountain river.

Carol Steele csteele webcareconnection. Here are just a few of the other sleep secrets you’ll discover in Powerful Sleep When you learn the answers I discovered you’ll see how to cut those hours out of your “sleep time” and wake up in the morning, with no trace of drowsiness in your body, fully refreshed, ready to go.

Books by Kacper M. Think about it this way I have lots more energy, and my memory is much better. I go to sleep within 5 mins of going to bed.


Powerful Sleep: Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock

The fact is, it really wouldn’t matter how much fuel you put in it, your car wouldn’t get you very far, because the gas, the energy needed to make it move, is leaking! You will have read in the first chapter that the question really isn’t “how long should Slwep sleep?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It sleeep because of a process in your body sleep experts call your ‘circadian rhythm’ – To put it simply, there is special ‘rhythm’ that your body follows day after day Using these principles, you’ll easily be able to pile on an extra 1 to 3 hours of free productive time to every single day of your life! Right now you are probably sleeping at least hours longer than you need to. This information is fascinating and powerful Bao Doan rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Books by Kacper M.

Aug 21, Ali rated it really liked it. In actuality, they feel low on energy because they have a weak sleep system, not because they’re sleeping too little. It’s THIS system that plays a key role in why you feel tired and lethargic at some points during the day, most people have no clue about this system, how it affects their energy, and that they can find out how to gain full control over it very quickly – It’s absolutely fascinating.

Prior to reading the Powerful Sleep e-book I suffered from constant restless nights. I didn’t feel lethargic, in fact, I felt completely filled with energy, there was a warm and easy feeling inside of me which moved me through the whole day, I felt fantastic If you woke up during the night before, it will happen less often, oowerful none at all, and you’ll find getting out of bed much easier.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

kacpwr It gave me enough knowledge about how our inner sleep system works. You don’t HAVE to wake up tired or “on the wrong side of the bed” This is a key understanding to optimizing your sleep. When you are in deep sleep your capillaries little tiny blood vessels expand, and most of the blood in your body which is normally stored in your major organs, moves out to all of your muscles to replenish your entire body.


It is a must read for anyone wanting to get the most out of life and themselves, it has changed my sleeping habits and my life.

It’s Easy To Kac;er. Your advice has literally changed my life. When you sleep poorly, it’s a sign that your inner sleep system isn’t in it’s natural, powerful state. I just finished reading Powerful Sleep and can’t wait to start applying what I just learned. Because how much deep sleep you get is very dependent on how balanced and regular your circadian rhythm is.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Mar 08, Hajar rated it it was amazing. Oct 13, Honza rated it it was ok. Her doctor didn’t know what m.poxtawski do to help her, and kept on prescribing more and more drugs, sleeping pills, etc. That’s why we’ve created this website and the Powerful Sleep package, to give you this valuable information you won’t find anywhere else. Best book on this subject! As you continue to apply the principles for 14 to 21 days, you’ll fully experience the transformation in your sleep and energy levels.

Powerful Sleep – Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock

I believed that I kqcper born that way and had to put up with it. Simon Dee rated it it was amazing Oct 31, No trivia or quizzes yet. In my book, ‘Powerful Sleep’you’ll find out the exactly why your body becomes acidic, and the 3 step simple and surefire method to Alkalize and balance your body to multiply the energizing force of your deep sleep, so that you wake up bursting with energy that lasts through your entire day.