According to Kalachakra Astrology, your basic constitution is determined at the time of birth. With the first breath the biological cycles begin which regenerate the . Kalachakra Dasa was originally taught by Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati and that conversation was later recounted by Maharshi Parasara to his. “There is another dasa called Kalachakra dasa, which is the most respectable of all dasa systems”. Kalachakra literally means “the wheel of.

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If one looks at the sequences given by Parasara for each Nakshatra Pada, one can see that those are the signs corresponding to Navamsas within Navamsas.

The injured animal turned on its back and sank into the ocean, giving forth blood and excrement, from which there arose the constituent elements of the universe.

So those are the Dasas. They also can have a feminine or masculine polarity – similar to Yin and Yang. The calendar in the form of an almanac is still quite important in the daily life of the Tibetans to ensure that their daily activities are in tune with the cosmos.

So Cn and Ge are mandooki gati rasis. Even kallachakra have been ‘buddhified’ over the ages. In this way, by understanding the deities, the use of prana is determined. The system is used in a quite different way from the western astrological approach, where birth-charts form the main basis. Each Aditya is embracing their consort and surrounded by 28 deities, that represent the 30 astrolofy in a month, and all added astrllogy the degrees of the zodiac and sidereal solar year.


Dasa of a rasi gives the natural results of the rasi.

For those using Jagannath Hora software which calculates the Kalachakra with the Sun as the base nakshatra. Too much or too little of a specific element can become dangerous. This adds up to the twelve months of the year.

Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Tibetan Astro-Science, TibetdomaniRome, If no planet is there then the nakshatra mantra of the fortress axis can be used.

This tantra is composed of five books. Navamsas in Apasavya Chakra: For example, a political leader may be running D Narayana dasa of a yogakaraka rasi and he may land political power. Pay attention to Kalachakra who is giving great knowledge to everybody.

So Cn is a markati gati rasi. The Moon is in Purva Phalguni which is the 11th nakshatra. Something does not work as expected?

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Skip to content Kalachakra Dasa was originally taught by Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati and that conversation was later recounted by Maharshi Parasara to his disciple Maitreya. Tibetan astrology is not only strongly linked to religion, also Tibetan medical practitioners would study astrology and religious texts to determine the timing of medication etc. One who knows this should so compose a wondrous calendar View Site Map main pages only. This is done with various methods like Shoola dasa, Navtara chakra, and the movement of the Yoginis in the Kalachakra, etc.


The prana moves in the same way the nakshatras have been placed in the Kalachakra. Tibetan Astrology originated from several different traditions: As Tibetan astrology is so directly related to religion, it is astroloby as a practical method to reduce uncertainty and suffering.

Kalachakra Dasa Demystified (Part1)

Move your mouse over the image to see an explanation. The Kalachakra is an elaborate system of astrology in itself and would take voluminous books to explain fully. Rasi division of the zodiac is ruled by Sun and it shows the physical level. The kalachakfa book is on the outer Kalachakra astroloogy has the large amount of Jyotish information.

During one year, the sun moves along this expanse of stars and completes one cycle.

Navamsas in Savya Chakra: The bottomline is that what the scholars thought were the Dasa sequences were actually Bhukti sequences. The Dasas are simply derived by taking 9 Astroligy signs of the 9 Nakshatra Padas from where the Moon is.

Kalachakra – Freedom Vidya

The middle pranic level is called the Exalted Speech Mandala. Family Sharing With Family Kalachakea set up, up to six family members can use this app. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. To make the calendar fit the observations, occasionally even an extra month is introduced.