As the manual with the KO2 is so poor I thought it might be a good idea to have one thread for all the tips, tricks, discoveries and shortcuts that. the instruction manual but isn’t because these days instruction manuals The Kaossilator 2 is a reasonably inexpensive x-y touchpad device. The Korg Kaossilator KO-1 is a portable music synthesizer manufactured by Korg . Termed a on the LED display but are given specific names in the instructions. It is possible to overcome the two-bar limit as the Kaossilator records audio.

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First of all, you can experiment with x-y touchpad performing.

The aim is to keep on adding to this document to create a central location for everything everyone contributes: The traditional stuff sticks around and usually high-tech stuff is just a fad. Mon Jul 30, 2: However, if a person has some music theory background, they know that if you can set the root to an E and then re-set the scale type to Aeolian, you get the same notes as a G-major scale, but starting at E. You can control the arrangement within the octave.

Retrieved from ” https: It can be found here: But like almost everything else, the more you know, I mean really know, the easier technology is to control and have fun with. It seems to be able to do a little bit of everything. Being related to the Korg Kaoss Padsthe Kaossilator is a synth that is played touching a pad that is not unlike a trackpad on laptop computers.


Downloads | kaossilator 2 – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

When played back one hears the first two bars but then two more will be available afterwards. Sixth, it has reasonably good output that can be routed into the line input of my current keyboards and other technology. The Kaossilator supports 31 different scale patterns including chromatic, blues and diatonic scales as well as more exotic scales such as Japanese and Egyptian. Fri Aug 03, 7: Discrete or absolutely smooth transitions from note to note, total control over dynamics, and easy integration with emotional expression without requiring great manual dexterity.

I am keen to know shortcuts, especially to the cross manuall.

kaossilator 2/Owner’s Manual

Fourth, it can play along with you [! Tue Jul 24, 4: There is a way to merge loops in this thread: So an x-y touchpad can be defined to play simply eight notes arranged from left-to-right, and motions up and down can be used to control, say, volume.

I love cool gadgets. Electronics portal Music kaossiltaor. On the Kaossilator, if you define the pad as two or more octaves everything is very close together. Third, this is about a new gadget I bought a few days ago and this gadget will be appearing on the blog a lot, I think, in the future. This page was last edited on 11 Julyat But this is a good tip and maybe it will come in handy for someone.

Fri Jul 20, 9: I have also set up a FB page for people to share their discoveries kaossiltaor creations. Posted by Mark at The Kaossilator is portable, running on four AA batteries or a 4. Wed Jul 25, 4: Because the more you experiment and have fun—if you experiment carefully! On a device such as an iPad where the touchpad is also maunal display screen it is easy to touch the notes you want. Similarly, if you want the notes of the G-major scale but starting at A, on the Kaossilator 2 you can set the root as A and the scale type as Dorian.


A compilation of tips, tricks and discoveries has been started on the following link.

kaossilatog Korg Forums A forum for Korg product users and musicians around the world. Wed Jul 18, 9: And of course this works for any key. It weighs g 5. Second, you can generate all manner of instrumental and synthesizer sounds. Fretless string instruments like violins, cellos and various basses come closest to matching these characteristics.

Korg Kaossilator

The Higher Kaoseilator has just had a minor update: Third, you can record what you perform. Despite this limitation, some artists have recorded full-length albums with the Kaossilator. Thu Jul 26, 3: The Kaossilator also has a gate arpeggiator and a loop function that allows the layering of instruments to produce loops.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Display posts from previous: That gives you the freedom of setting the Kaossilator x-y touchpad to the smallest kaossklator range for the largest possible finger area to touch while still giving you the ability to choose which eight notes you want available in the octave.

Wed Aug 22, 3: The manual is very light.