Leader of the Pack has ratings and 82 reviews. carol. said: Tolerable, but doubtful if I’ll ever pick up the other books in the series. This is act. Leader of the Pack (Tales of an Urban Werewolf, book 3) by Karen MacInerney – book cover, description, publication history. Leader of the Pack is the third installment in Karen MacInerney’s “Tales of an Urban Werewolf” series. The first two books released to rave reviews, and this.

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Without spoiling it, let’s just say that Sophie’s love life situation clarifies, she meets her mysterious father who turns out to be a real jerk and her “furry little secret” as she calls it is outed to her closest friends. Want to Read saving…. The only thing I really I don’t love is that, since this book there hasn’t been any mention of book four. Find out in the exciting third book of the award-nominated Tales of an Urban Werewolf! Someone who was brother in the second book is now referred to as a ot in this one.

We need more of this saga. I just didn’t care about this story or about Sophie’s clunky attempts at everything. But one thing was missing: This book like the first two books is riddled with mistakes which not macinerneey lets the writers work down but insults the intelligence of the readers.

Leader of the Pack

I’m not sure whether he or Lindsey took things seriously enough until the end even though they were given a way out. Those are enough to seal her determination to try to deny that part of her DNA growing up.

Mark although he was hot and somewhat helpful he alway gave me a strange feeling. Great series Cliffhanger by some aspects, but I hope this is not the end of the series. But this time around she is more open to her wolf, and finally gets some history of her father and herself. Thing is, the Houston pack has this rule that during the Howl, it’s forbidden to harm anyone in the pack and if that happens, the only punishment is death, no excuses.


Sophie is successful in her career, her love life I read this series years ago and was so excited to see that it is back. Sophie is a character whom I found easy to root for, and I am curious as to how she will adjust to being the new Alpha of the Houston pack and what kind of “growing pains” she has to work through and of course, how things work out with Tom ;P.

I grew up in the Northeast, but I currently live in Austin with my husband, two kids, and a houserabbit named Bunny. However, at least for me this book was an all day read.

Leader of the Pack by Karen MacInerney

To defend him she goes places she never expected and does things she never wanted. Sophie’s interests in both Mark and Kagen seem to be largely sexual, Health’s partly nostalgic, and it’s only midway through that more of an emotional attachment starts to develop with Tom.

Tom, Lindsey, and Heath all get in on Sophie’s quest to save her father. And the pack accepts her, despite the fact that she isn’t even a pack member!

He says she is still alive, living in Norway, and has had many pups with his brother. Although it referenced a situation from an earlier book twice or so, and the ex-boyfriend makes an appearance, the only thing that might be said to suffer is the world view.

The inner conflict, as well as external influences, send Sophie to question everything she macineerney believed as truth. Even though Luc’s pretty much a stranger to Sophie, she can’t just let him die without trying to help him.

She knows he isn’t human but what exactly is he and is it really a wise idea to get involved with him? It was still a very entertaining novel despite my current need of Halls throat lozenges. Wolfgang drools at the thought of Luc’s impending execution, but Sophie won’t let her father die without a fight.

I would love to read more stories about the characters in this trilogy, sadly I couldn’t find any info pointing towards any future Tales of the Urban Werewolves. Sophie also sets out to find what her boyfriend is.


Lindsey winding up with Heath is not entirely a surprise and solves a number of problems for the author. I have very mixed feelings about this book. After both were finished, I hated that I had to wait the rest of the year for this book to be released.

Sure, she has to shave her legs a couple times a day and drink wolfsbane tge to help keep her control around the full moon, but other than that, Sophie is intent on living a life that’s as human as possible. Leader of the Pack! An excellent story could have been written, with mystery and crime investigation and all like Leaader Calledthe first book of the Merc I have very mixed feelings about this book.

I don’t see how, as Sophie seems fairly indiscreet, as her “best friend” knows about being a were and her main goal is to become one. Sophie faces many challenges along the way.

I loved the way Ms. Sophie is a werewolf, living in the middle of a big city, on the fast track to partner in a prestigious accounting firm, dating a hunky lawyer, with a mother who practices in the paranormal and provides her with concoctions to keep Sophie from transforming into her furry side at inconvenient moments. After Luc’s ambitions for Sophie are realised, I’m not sure how Sophie is going to cope with her new life after this but I really really hope that Tom stays in Austin to help her after everything that takes place in this book, it was one of the few questions left unanswered by the end.

Howling at the Moon and book two: MacInerny did just that in “Leader of the Pack”! Of the series so far this one has been the best.