Visit us on the web at for more information: • Price Quotations • Drivers· Technical Specifications. Manuals and Documentation . Model System DMM Instruction Manual Rev. D. Manual Type: Primary User; Part Number: D. Release Date: Sep 17 View and Download Keithley DMM instruction manual online. 5 function autoranging digital multimeter. DMM Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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Full text of “Keithley: KEI Instruction”

The baseline value will also be stored as the zero value in Program ZERO, cancelling the previously stored value. Display UO status word.

However, each device on the bus must have a unique primary address– a factor that should be kept in mind when setting the primary address of the Model The U3 value will not be cleared when read; thus, the U3 value is always current.

Line up the cable connector with the connector located on the rear panel of the instrument. DC Power supplies Tech: To exit the program without changing the previous default conditions, press any front panel button except the ENTER button.

The high speed intervals are 1msec through 14msec. Model Firmware A07, Version HP Programming Example— Using several front panel controls, alter instrument states from Ae default configura- tion.

This feature can be used for both 2-terminal and 4-terminal resistor measmrements up to 30kfl. Connect the Model to the desired location in the circuit. Through the use of the H command, the front panel programs may be entered through commands given over the bus. The resolution keithoey is dependent on function and range. Widely varying temperatures within the circuit can also create thermal ernfs.


A good diode wUl overrange the keifhley. Translator words will be lost when the instrument is turned off. The secon- dary function of this button is to select the dB program and enter the number 9.

To minimize pick-up, keep the voltage source and the Model away from strong AC magnetic sources. Per- formance verification may be performed when the instru- ment is first received to ensure that no damage or misad- justment has occurred during shipment. The U1 command allows access to Model error condi- tions in a similar manner.

Place the Model in “one-shot on external trigger” T7 as explained in paragraph 3.

Keithley 196 System Digital Multimeter

However, the dB pro- gram may be used to change the reference level. The calibration command takes on the follow- ing form: In this case, suppress- ing EOI with the K command may cause the controller in- put sequence to hang unless other terminator sequences are used.

In this instance, the following error message will be displayed on the front panel: The top analog circuit board is encased between two pieces of very thick aluminum shielding, and the bottom piece serves as the mounting plate for the analog board as well.

However, since the zero value is automatically stored in Program ZERO, the zero baseline value can be retrieved by using the program as long as the ZERO button is not again pressed see paragraph 2. If the values of M and B need to be checked or changed, do so using Program Do not use zero to cancel the offset in this procedure.

For example, with 0. Model repair forum thread Secret menu settings in Keithley gear Video: While in this mode, the instrument will go to the best range to measure the applied signal.

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To change the status value, enter the address number 0 to Calculate Q by using the foUowing formula: Analog, digital, power supply, and IEEE interface operation is included. When send- kithley the command word over the bus, the device-dependent command that was last entered will prevail.

Information concerning the application, operation or ser- vice of your instrument may be directed to the applications engineer at any of these locations. Set the Model to Manuzl and autorange. Do not use this application to check amplifiers that exceed the bandwidth of the Model Depressing and releasing the switch a second time turns the power off.

HP Programming Example — Enter the program below to enable data store operation and obtain and display readings on the computer CRT: Repeat the mV measurement at the other frequencies specified in Table These user saved default conditions will prevail over the factory default con- ditions on power-up, or when a DCL or SDC is asserted over the bus. HP Programming Example-Enter the following statements into the computer to perform the Model self-test: The associated programming examples show how to send the commands with the HP A Guide to switch considerations eBook: The LI command is used to save the current instrument conditions.