The Kenwood TH-K20A is a rugged 2 meter HT with up to watts of power and straight-forward operation. You get memories and multiple scan modes are. Kenwood TH-K20A Specifications. Return to TH-K20A. Kenwood logo TH-K20A Specifications. Kenwood TH-K20A Specifications. TH-K20A. VHF FM Portable Transceiver with Keypad (non-EU use). Brochure. ▻ TH-K20/K40 Versions A/E. Find your nearest Approved Kenwood Centre.

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Kenwood TH-K20A, THK20A 2 Meter HT

Menu is simple and easy to navigate. There are only 2 things I would change, but they are minor issues. Also, there is a commercially made cable by btech the aprs-k2 cable found all over ebay which is made for baofeng radios for this exact use. Carefully lift the front panel up from the chassis, starting at the bottom of the radio. If you are thinking of playing with aprsdroid or aprspro, this may be the way to go.


You get what you pay for. What I like about this radio? Compact,nice audio,easy to use.

Feels solid in my hand but compact and light. Keypad Use the keypad to perform the following operations. It seems really easy to accidentally kerchunk a machine when removing it from your belt.

Kfnwood all the way! The other is I am not a fan of the SMA antenna connection and never will be. Easy to program free download from Kenwoodcharges the Li-ion battery quickly and just works. Audio reports are excellent and receive audio has good quality when considering the size of speaker. The display is easy to read.

Kenwood TH-K20A Specifications

Remove the th-k200a screws from the bottom of the radio on the back side. It is a simple to use 2m radio. Like said in another review here, most used functions have been brought up closer to rh-k20a user, up front on the keypad rather than recessed in sub-sub-menus. I am using an Android device with a home brewed cable that connects directly to the radios spk and mic jack. Kenwood th-k20a User Manual. The author makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this modification procedure.


Kenwood th-k20a User Manual

I like the kenwooc spring belt clip, and the HT is sized just perfect, not a brick but not so tiny you can’t use it. Report message to a moderator. Typical Kenwood LMR quality.

Scan speed is FAST! Audio is loud enough and the display is easy to read.

You can assign your desired To check the remaining Select a frequency within the allowable transmit frequency range. The stock antenna is no slouch, I’m just a big fan of the Smiley products.

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This radio is light, rugged, and very straight forward to use. An error beep sounds.