View and Download Kodak EasyShare CX user manual online. zoom digital camera. EasyShare CX Digital Camera pdf manual download. easyshare p87 manual kodak easyshare p87 digital frame extended user guide 80mp digital camera one sort of kodak easyshare cx manual is that. Need software for kodak easyshare CX camera windows 8 Sd card wont format in kodak easy share cx Manual for easyshare camera c

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You can change Optical Zoom before but not during video recording. The card is corrupted or formatted for another digital camera. Storage Capacities File sizes can vary. Enter easyhare from picture: The subject was too close for flash. Press the Shutter button the rest of the way down and hold it to take the pictures. Setting Exposure Metering Your camera uses matrix metering to set exposure values; it evaluates light levels in multiple locations within the scene to provide the best exposure for the main subject.

You must press the OK button to turn it on. To remove the card, push it in, then release it. Remove the batteries and wipe the camera contacts firmly with a clean cloth heavy corrosion buildups may require cleaning with a wire brush, steel wool, or sandpaper. See camera screen lens cleaning, location, i light camera dock, 76, 77 ready, camera, ii, 92 self timer, i, mahual, Ready light glows steady green.

Change to Auto flash or Flash Off light. See Kodak EasyShare software Help for details. Subject or the camera moved while the picture was taken.

Chapter 2 Press the button repeatedly to scroll through the flash options. If you planing to have this wasyshare for a long time yeah sale it and get a Canon Slr you be glad you did.


Nothing for you to do there- obviously the mechanism is damaged- unfortunately there is not a repair option for a camera this old I would imagine. Extending Battery Life — Reviewing your pictures on the camera screen see — Using Liveview see — Using Quickview see — Excessive use of the flash Purchase an optional Kodak 3-volt AC adapter to power your camera see page Kodak Web site at www. Contents may change without notice.

Rechargeable battery is not installed see Chapter 9 Make sure the Kodak EasyShare Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack is installed in the camera see page Turn off the camera and place it in the camera dock see Delete delete share EasyShare Share Adjusting the Viewfinder Use the diopter dial to adjust the viewfinder for your eyesight.


Troubleshooting Troubleshooting When cxx6445 have questions about your camera, start here. Windows OS-based computer—if the install window does not appear, choose Run from the Start menu and type d: Got it, maual to print.

Optical zoom is effective when the lens is no closer than For the best possible pictures, the camera attempts to focus on foreground subjects, even if the subjects are not centered in the scene. For details on printing, click the Help button in the Kodak EasyShare software.

For details, click the Help button in the Kodak EasyShare software. Setting Video Out Setting Video Out Video Out is a regional setting that lets you successfully connect to a television or other external device see Press the Menu button. Turn off the camera. The light sensor is covered. Copying Pictures And Videos Copying Pictures and Videos You can copy pictures and videos from a card to internal memory or from internal memory to a card.


Kodak EasyShare CX6445 zoom digital camera — User’s Guide

Purchase accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or visit www. Easysuare to do so may cause the software to load incorrectly.

Problem Cause In Review mode, The camera may not be you do not see a accessing the correct picture or the storage location. Before you take a picture, make sure the storage location is set the way you want it see page Connecting the Camera Dock After the Kodak EasyShare software is loaded see camera dock to your computer and to a power outlet. Press the Share button to exit the menu. Tips, Safety, Maintenance Always follow basic safety precautions.

Press the Review button, then press the Menu button. When the camera is in the dock, the camera is powered by the dock, not the camera batteries. You received a non-rechargeable CRV3 starter battery with your camera. Setting Video Out Video Out is a regional setting that lets you successfully connect to a television or other external device see Press the Menu easysharre.

To run a slide show on a television or on any external device, see save battery power, use an optional Kodak AC adapter, 3-volt see Starting the Slide Show Press the Review button, then easysare the Menu button.

Checking Camera Status The manuual that appear on the camera screen indicate the active camera and picture settings. To turn off Liveview, press the OK button.

See page 8 To check the current camera settings: