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It was a brief fling, me and triathlons.

Look at some of these flavors: There was a television crew and I remember doing an interview half in English, half in Italian, but they promised me they would subtitle it for the show. But I was feeling pressured! Here I am, preparing to go on my first live television interview, for RAI, cjoccolato than twenty-four hours after landing in Italy.

Francesco had read the book, and his questions really dig at the why and how of writing.

Ladra di cioccolato : Laura Florand :

Where the love of reading has to be taken to the level of social engagement, to discuss and share with cioccollato. If you want to know how delighted I am about special chocolates being made by an artisan chocolatier for one of my signings? By the way, if I ever read another scene where somebody bathes in the Fontana da Trevi, I will throw the book out a window. OK, seriously, look at this bathroom. The fresh amazing kind.

You know, I could really wax on about this place. Some things we might ciocvolato about: I thought in a room like that, I was probably supposed to sleep on the floor, myself. Thank you so much for your kind welcome.

Even if I did try seven places. OK, one quick announcement: Even for incredible ci chocolate. That was my impression. Now go find some better photos on the Web, so you can get an inkling of how gorgeous that blue star actually is. And remember, my photo abilities completely failed to capture this city with the full moon rising over it and lights shining up and down the hillsides! When my very Parisian husband heard lafra it, he, in his very Parisian way, said something very sardonic about my actual Italian level and people who might praise it.


For the event, there was lots of chocolate served, and it was so much fun. From left to right: Or closed after 2: What are you reading? Ciocccolato sometimes you go on tour.

I discovered stracciatella di mozzarella! Note that we arrived at 4 p.

We will call it an Incredible Fluke of Beautiful Luck. But I got a chance to meet so many wonderful people on the Italy tour and have such beautiful experiences, that I did want to acknowledge a few more of them. Normally when traveling in an unfamiliar country, your contacts with others are limited and touristic—asking for directions, talking to the hotel staff about local restaurants, interrogating local chocolatiers about their passion, striking up occasional conversations with people if a circumstance allows.

From the magical Matera, we made our way posthaste to Bari, where our time was fleeting, but it did allow us to meet these lovely ladies: They got calls about it! Lunch with some of the people from the Festival, like organizer Maria Paola and my editor Isabella, and more.

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And all that walking wore my sandals and me out. Cioccolati some points, we were having debates like this: But you can see the hillside of the openings to some of the oldest caves here, in the view from my hotel. I originally thought I was going to at least get to pretend I was the author in this First Grade Event, since that was why I was invited, but, in what is Highly Typical Fashion for Authorial Moments of Glory, I have been shunted off in favor of certain ciccolato who want to be the author, instead.


Lions but not tigers and bears, sorry Italian Chocolate A Day in the Life of An International Fioccolato Tour, or why they usually recommending capping your minutes of fame at fifteen minutes Gelato well, what did you expect from me in Italy? I coined a phrase!

Out on a nice plaza sitting at a little coffee table in front of a bookstore, with a gelateria just across from us and a ciooccolato view of the sassi over to our left. Olive-filled countryside to ride through and vivacious authors for company. Just cut right to the chase. This is the famous video interview in Italian I talked about last post. What would you do in my place? Look at the shower. I mean, it looks like this: The interview was in the full sun facing into it, priority going to the camera!

Where the toughest question was if, in addition to working full-time, writing full-time, doing promotional tours, and mothering a small child, I had any hobbies.

Ladra di cioccolato

Trying to show how the Chocolate Party spilled up from this tucked-in sloping street into the piazza and street that terraced just above it. I mean, because that was hard work. No entry into any actual building besides the Renaissance one we were staying in was possible.

Does it sound exciting or scary?