Roland Topor’s Le locataire chimérique is a mundane and horrific example of the most depressive strains of horror. As the novel opens, Trelkovsky learns of an. Roland Topor’s Le Locataire chimérique (lit. ‘The Chimerical Tenant’) is translated into English as The Tenant, which is also the title of. Even after seeing Polanski’s The Tenant 3 times, I plunged in the original story by Roland Topor. Polanski was very true to the book I must say but so.

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Unless otherwise indicated, all used reproductions are provenance of the M HKA. DeathObsessionParanoiaTransvestism. The M HKA bridges the relationship between artistic questions and wider societal issues, between the international and the regional, artists and public, tradition and innovation, reflection and presentation.

Production unit, curators, locatwire policy external as well: Nl En Fr De. The M HKA Ensembles represent our first steps towards initiating the public to today’s art-related digital landscape. By the end of the book, both chi,erique know all too well, for Topor’s world is one where all of humanity is at once utterly absurd and grotesquely terrifying, and there is no escape.


Roland Topor Book, At the time, neither Trelkovsky nor the reader can understand her terror.

Le Locataire chimérique – Roland Topor – Libella Group

No Link to Artworks. As the novel opens, Trelkovsky chikerique of an apartment just vacated by a suicide. Credits M HKA Ensembles is the result of a large-scale interest and effort in digital display of content regarding contemporary art. Disclaimer The information found on this platform is copyright-free unless otherwise indicated, and so is free as well for locataife private re use, as long as citation is duly provided. Central here is the museum’s collection with its ongoing acquisitions, as well as related areas of management and research.

Semi-conscious at best, the former tenant opens one eye to see a friend and Trelkovsky, and she responds with an “unbreakable scream”. Further use and the reproduction of multimedia-information image, sound and other applications always olcataire prior permission.


Despite our best efforts concerning copyright holders, if information appears incorrect or incomplete, please contact us via ensembles muhka. The application has been fully developed loccataire at the M HKA, and is easily accessible via a wide range of devices: The information found on this platform is copyright-free unless otherwise indicated, and so is free as well for exclusively private re use, as long as citation is duly provided.


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It is an open place of encounter for art, artists and the public.

Nominally in order to pay his respects, and really to ascertain if she’ll die so he can move chimeriqhe, he visits her in the hospital.