“Leiningen Versus the Ants” is a gripping tale of Man versus Nature. As a virtual plague of voracious, thinking creatures marches toward the expansive coffee. Leiningen Versus the Ants has ratings and 26 reviews. Gbolahan said: Read this some 25 years ago. Can’t remember where (a collection of short stories. Leiningen Versus the Ants, a Short Story by Carl Stephenson.

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Leiningen Versus the Ants

Perhaps the failure to find a way over the ditch was persuading the ants to withdraw from the plantation in search of spoils more easily leinungen. He eventually brings in by air enough garlic and butter to cook all the snails into escargot. On his way back he stumbles.

And every single one of them a fiend from hell; before you can spit three times they’ll eat a full-grown buffalo to the bones. Leiningen flogged his brain till it reeled. Do not mess with the ants, folks. Now they thronged around him, one question in every face. Was there nothing on earth could sweep this devil’s spawn back into the hell from which it came?

And now the wide cataract down the opposite bank was thinning and ceasing, as if the ants were becoming aware that they could not attain their aim.

Leiningen Versus the Ants–Carl Stephenson ()

How do you choose to NOT give up vfrsus the face of millions of killer ants?? In the excitement of the fight the greater part of the day had passed without the men once pausing to snatch a bite. Meanwhile an old Indian, who acted as medicine-man to the plantation workers, gave the bitten peon a drink he had prepared some hours before, which, he claimed, possessed the virtue of dissolving and weakening ants’ leinigen.


Leiningen ist bereit sein Leben und die Lebensgrundlage der gesamten Pflanzung im Kampf gegen die Ameisenmassen zu opfern.

Leiningen Versus the Ants – Wikipedia

Books by Carl Stephenson. But instead of eating the leaves there and then, they were merely gnawing through the stalks, so that a thick green shower fell steadily to the ground.

He saw he was drawing appreciably nearer the weir–the distance grew less and less–sank to five hundred–three–two–one hundred yards. Now that he had completed his task, he felt the smart raging over his flesh from the bites of sawing and tthe insects. A distance of nearly two miles lay between the ranch house and the weir–two miles of ants.

I read this fun piece in the ‘s. Even Leiningen himself, who had ridden up just in time to restore their loss of heart by a display of unshakable calm, even he could not free himself from a qualm of malaise. Jan leimingen, Barrett Goldflies rated it it was amazing.

At the end of the story he is recovering and states, “I told you I would come back, even if I am a bit streamlined. I wnts it, and I’m interested in the fact it was published in There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This was destined to be the scene of the outbreak of war between Leiningen’s brain and twenty square miles leiningej life-destroying ants.


Not until four o’clock did the wings reach the “horseshoe” ends of the ditch, only to find these ran vegsus the great river.

Realizing that another such casualty, yes, perhaps this alone, might plunge his men into confusion and destroy their morale, Leiningen roared in a bellow louder than the yells of the victim: But now both the European brain of Leiningen and the primitive brains of the Indians began to stir with the unpleasant foreboding that inside every single one of that deluge of insects dwelt a thought.

Jul 29, Kevin rated it liked it Shelves: As it moved downstream, the exclamation mark neared the rail and began waving its arms frantically. Instead they devised a better maneuver; they began to collect shreds of bark, twigs and dried leaves and dropped these into the petrol. With me, the brain isn’t a second blindgut; I know what it’s there for.

They were scurrying back up the slope to safety. Hadn’t this brain for once taken on more than it could manage? Anyone who thinks otherwise can draw his pay here and now and push off. Soon the trees, shrubs and beds for miles around were hulled with ants zealously gobbling the yield of long weary months of strenuous toil.