Sheet Music – £ – Brouwer, Leo – Micropiezas No. 5 – 2 guitars. Brouwer – Micro Piezas by manucho_guitarra in Types > Creative Writing and brouwer micro piezas. Leo Brouwer Musica Incidental Campesina Duo. Listen to Micropiezas: IV. Sonoro by Léo Brouwer – Modern Guitar Duets. Deezer: free music streaming. Discover more than 53 million tracks, create your own.

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Zick, Webmaster, wzick ameritech. Zick All rights reserved for all content of AfriClassical. Granham Anthony Devine, guitar Naxos. His enormous influence on guitar music in particular and classical music in general micorpiezas demonstrated by more than a hundred recordings on which he has played, composed or conducted. Brouwer’s compositions reflect classical, Afro-Cuban, jazz and avant-garde influences.

His many film scores have brought his music to the attention of a huge audience around the world. Brouwer’s influence in his native country results in part from the important positions he has held in Cuban music institutions. Leo first learned music from his father and his aunt, Caridad Mezquida.

His great-uncle was the well-known composer and pianist Ernesto Lecuona. Leo began playing the guitar himself at age His first significant teacher was Isaac Nicola, a virtuoso guitarist who also composed brouwerr his instrument and arranged the music of others for guitar.

Leo was only 17 when he made his own professional debut. His academic training took place in the U. There he immediately became a major figure in his country’s music establishment. That position is one of the reasons that the composer has written more than 30 film scores, some of which were box-office hits around the world. As a composer, however, Brouwer is primarily self-taught, and his development as a creator of music can be traced logically through three stages of compositional style.

His first period began in with a series of pieces that explored the possibilities of the guitar. Brouwer makes free use of musical materials from his Cuban roots. Pieces with traditional forms such as fugue are present alongside works which incorporate the vital rhythmic energy of his homeland.

InBrouwer micropiezad the Warsaw Autumn festival in Poland, and came into contact with the music of avant-garde composers such as Penderecki, Baird and Bussotti. Byhe had assimilated these ideas into an entirely unique and personal style. The composer has referred to his current compositional style as “national Micropizas. It displays all the characteristics of his new style: He has been heard as both composer and classical guitarist at virtually every major music event in the world, and is also the author of the famous work Cancion de gesta Epic Poemrecorded and played by the most important orchestras in the world.


Inhe composed the music for Alfonso Arau’s internationally acclaimed, award winning Like Water for Chocolate.

The liner notes for Cuban Landscape: The Music of Leo BrouwerKoch 3 2show just how diverse his output has been: Brouwer also has an extensive catalogue of symphonic, chamber and instrumental works, including music for solo cello, piano, percussion, a flute concerto, a harp concerto It recorded Leo Brouwer: As Leo Brouwer writes: The disc was released to the public in August Brouwer wrote the Second Quartet 6: The composer wrote the String Trio in while he was a student at Juilliard.

The Fourth Quartet The Third Quartet Since he has led the Orquesta de Cordoba. He is micropezas founder and director of the Cuban Guitar Competition and Festival, held every other year. The Orquesta de Cordoba was created in by the regional Council of Andalusia and the municipality of Cordoba. Artistic direction of the orchestra was entrusted to the composer and conductor Leo Brouwer. Among the motives for his designation also as the conductor of this orchestra, the Orquesta de Cordoba was pleased to remind and brkuwer the master’s vast experience, his international prestige and especially the enthusiasm with which he assumed under all aspects the enormous mission involved in microopiezas creation of a new orchestra.

Habanos News published an interview with Leo Brouwer on February 22, in which he gave an overview of his time with the Orquesta de Cordoba: I founded the Orchestra of Cordoba, in Andalusia, and I was its leading conductor for almost 10 years, which brought a lot of happiness to my life, especially in my executive role.

Guitarist Costas Cotsiolis begins the program with Brouwer’s work.

Next comes the renowned Concierto de Aranjuez The guitar soloist is Scott Tennant. Rounding out the program is Serenade, Opus 505: The liner notes put the CD in context: This recording represents an important step for GHA in a first time collaboration with Leo Brouwer and the Orquesta de Cordoba bringing together three great soloists in an original program.

Due to the fact that the piece was composed in his honor, it is logical that Costas Cotsiolis should be the first musician to micropuezas Leo Brouwer’s Concierto de Volos. The liner notes explain the origin of the work, its name and its makeup: The Concierto de VolosLeo Brouwer’s sixth guitar concerto, was composed in at the request of Costas Cotsiolis.

It was therefore dedicated to this talented Greek artist.

Leo Brouwer, Afro-Cuban Composer, Guitarist & Conductor

The concerto was premiered in Volos during the summer of One finds reminders and citations of the atmospheres and themes of the Black Sea brouwfr the Mediterranean Sea in the thematic material. I used a theme in the finale that both the Greeks and the Bulgarians respectively claim to have fathered.


As for the slow motifs, they are original yet still in the Byzantine spirit. Recent guitar concertos of Brouwer are listed at the Web site www. In recent years, Brouwer has continued his unique series of brouer concertos Concierto No. His latest concerto for guitar is his Double Concerto Book of Signs The liner notes relate: Parabolastylistically from Brouwer’s avant-garde period, is in seven sections, but is played continuously.

It is intended as a homage to Igor Stravinsky. It was composed at the request of the Cuban guitarist, Carlos Molina, who was preparing a micropieas of Brouwer’s pieces.

Thachuk observes that the work introduced the composer’s “.

List of compositions by Leo Brouwer

It alludes to spirals ranging from the largest galaxies in the universe to the tiniest organisms on Earth. The liner notes continue: The book is based on African legends which were arranged into a narrative about a warrior who wished to be a musician. The three movements display the new Brouwer style with colour, excitement and poetry. Another work composed in is Preludios Epigramaticos [Epigrammatic Preludes ] It is based on Nuagesa jazz composition by Reinhardt.

Paisaje cubano con tristeza [Cuban landscape with sadness] 5: He is the guitarist on Brouwer: The liner notes are by the performer: Leo Brouwer composed his Suite No. His Cuban roots are heard in the outer movements, while the central movement is suggestive of neo-classical Russian composers such as Shostakovich, Stravinsky and Prokoviev. Brouwer enjoyed a close relationship for many years with the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu.

The composer writes in the liner notes: Sonata del caminante was composed in a few days, at once for Odair Assad. Composition is a birth with its pain, its effort and its joy but, in this case, everything was organic. Thinking and doing were one and the same. An impossible challenge for any guitar virtuoso is something common for Odair.

Spanish Guitar

This contributed to the fluidity of the sound in the Sonata. Leo Brouwer at Chester Novello www. Ritual Voice for New Year’s Eve 5: This page was last updated on January 1,