LXP -1 Owner’s Manual. 1. Installing the LXP Specifications. The following specifications are subject to change without notice. Frequency Response. View and Download LEXICON LXP-1 owner’s manual online. Multi-effect processing module. LXP-1 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Lexicon LXP-1 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Lexicon LXP-1 Owner’s Manual, Manual.

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Used also to indicate results of diagnostic tests or per- formance of internal MIDI button and status Indicator.

LEXICON LXP-1 Owner’s Manual

Calculates the ROM checksum and compares it to the stored value. Qosed condition enables defeat mode. If the test does not succeed when repeated, oexicon may be a RAM hardware malfunc- tion.

The front panel push button and Program select switch are exercised thoughout the diagnostic testing. This user control determines the signal level applied to the final output Buffer stage U Audio input cable from Low EHstortion Oscillator output to right channel input 2. The user control varies the wiper position of R39 in order to control the percentage of Wet lexicn and Dry unprocessed signals on LXP-1 outputs.

Swap right and left channel audio connections and repeat steps 1.

Check all power rails with a scope or multimeter. The success signal indicates that the RAM passed the diagnostic test and that zeros have been stored in all memory locations. Ql, which is driven by U1 pin 6 output, is the R-C manuap circuit driver. Checks the MIDI serial port transmit and receive functions.


Audio terminator plug to left channel output Procedure 1. Audio input cable from Low Distortion Oscillator output toright channel input 2.

If diagnostics cannot be selected and executed proj? Inputs are DC isolated by lOuF non-polarized coupling capacitors. The circuit board slides out of the box with the front panel attached. A thorough visual inspection of a malfunctioning unit once opened is good troubleshooting practice. Under normal conditions the LXP-1 requires minimal maintenance.

Two discrete FET transistors, Q6 and Q7 provide an output muting function by shorting U26 outputs to ground after the ohm resistors in series with the outputs.

This voltage level will be stored by the storage cap until the next output sample is applied. The analog signal can be traced though the converter drcutry by running the Audio Test Loop program. Audio terminator plug to left channel output un — nun Performance Verification Lexicon Dry unprocessed Frequency Response, cont’d. First, however, it is coupled into U32, a 15kHz low pass filter. Swap all right and left channel audio connections and repeat steps 1.

The last operation is the storage of zeros in all locations.

Lexicon LXP-1 Manuals

Apply a 1 kHz signal at dBV 32mVrms to right channel input. Audio output cable from right channel output to Level Meter input 4. Occasional oscillations and noise appear on output, lcp while sitting idle, and disappear when a new program is selected. The LXP-1 must be used only with the supplied power pack.

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If noiseispresentonbothwetanddry signalscheckthesupplyrails and trace the audio signal through the analog circuitry. This test takes approximately 5 seconds and the results will be displayed immediately upon completion. FB3 and Cl 1 provide filtering from noise spikes emanating from the AC line. If the two knobs are set to the same position, the test result will indicate success, and vice-versa.


Acceptable output level should measure between Unit is occasionally dead on power up. Occasional crashes during operation.

A voltage divider circuit incorporating CR4, R13 and Rll, divides down the unregulated supply level to be used as a monitor voltage on the Schmidt inverter input ofUl pin 5. IUF X77 C26 0. However, you should observe the same reasonable precautions that apply to any piece of audio equipment: The combination is as follows: Audio input cable from Low Distortion Oscillator output to right channel input 2.

DAC output is compared to analog input by the comparator. Both jack inputs are shorted together, allowing a single input source to be applied to left and right input circuitry. Installing a 33pf ceramic bypass capacitor in C21 position can eliminate oscillator startup and intermittent failures.

This is the heartbeat interrupt for the software operating system. This short is disconnected when plugs are connected to both outputs allowing for the full stereo effect to be utilized. A lkHzdB audio signal can be applied to inputs, and the signal can be traced into and out lexicom the converter.