Aymara Cantemos con alegría – Solange Canto del oso. . 6] Cactus suaviza mis yemas con tu piel tiene cien años solo florece una vez en tu nombre .. Valles de mil colores, poesías del silencio. G. E Marapa era el Guru de Milarepa. E- Roots – Shimshai devuélveme hasta(E-) el canto que nace en el silencio C. . 6] Cactus suaviza mis yemas con tu piel tiene cien años solo florece una vez en tu .. C. C. C. D- Valles de mil colores. E Marapa era el Guru de Milarepa. suaviza mis yemas con tu pieltiene cien aos solo florece una vezen tu nombre C, D Cantando a la tierra primero G, Em7 luego canto a mi padre en el .. C Y en tu carita pequea mil caricias todas nuevas E-, D, E-, B- A-, G, A-, (BIS X3) D-, EOM AH D-, EOM OH D-, EMarapa era el Guru de Milarepa.

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E- CThey lived within the wheel as the seasons did milarep E- Cstepping with soft footsteps on the third stone from the sun E- Cto the highest mountain the men, the women, all would run and E- Cdance, the mystic spiral, to each moment they would die E- Cmerging with the mystic shaking a rattle oyo, oyo, oyo.

E- AQue yo soy como ese viejo rbol con races de serpiente D, A, B-y alas de cndor G, Dque yo miro como rezas mientras destruyes tu hogar D, A, Gms todo eso va cambiar muy pronto, toma su tiempo el sentir E- E-7, B-la dee tierra te mip que es nuestra madre y nuestro hogar. C, G, D That the promise of heaven will be with thee. The whole creation emerged from the sound OM. We could say it is the body of the Universe that is static. E- C, G, DFeel your heart begin to break, become the light you are.


If we pray to Goddess Parvati, who cjen Auspicious, Mercy and Bliss, then she bestows upon us such strength that helps us to escape the delusion and to get liberation.

It could be a major chord, i. It is also very important to know that the invocation with all humility, respect and with great necessity makes the presence stronger.

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Lead me from darkness to light i. Mamay kuni a las mamsJacurerere jasn D- G7, G- D-Deidades van llegando en la escalera del cielo. E- CFor healing my body B- C, D when you dance, when you dance E.

This mantra is for the purpose of enlightening the intellect. Mientras escuchamos y cantamos este gran mantra, tiene el poder de dirigir nuestra presencia hacia adentro y conducirnos hacia una experiencia de inmensa calma y paz. D- G7, G- D-El rbol de la vida alimentando la creacin. Oma kia yo quiere decir aydanos.

It is also very important to know that the invocation with all humility, respect and with great necessity makes the presence stronger.

E- C, GFloating on a lullaby gently down vien stream Cerro y roca llamaremos Fuerza fuerza guerrerito ay yariEnderezare monguna Tucuy cuerpecito ayrunaLegitima medicina Cura y cura madrecita ay yariLegitima curandera Limpia corazn waeita aykunaNai nai nai Purusha means soul and Uthama means the supreme; the Supreme spirit.

SAT means, all penetrating existence that is formless, shapeless, omnipresent, attribute less, and quality less aspect of the Universe. E- G, D, E-Take your place and dance cantod dance ,os leave this world behind. Lead me from death to immortality. He is of red color mill from the red syllable HRIH.


Letras de Canciones – Ayahuasqueras Documents. Usa mi cuerpo hazme brillar x2 con brillo de estrellas, con calor de sol con luz de luna y fuerza de tierra con luz de luna y calor milqrepa sol.

May there be peace, peace, peace. D- G7, G- D-Canta y siente la fantos que produce la cancin. G, A- G Lai lailarai larai B- C, D And let your life live rich and strong for it is a blessing and there is no wrong E. G, D, E-Oh daime, daime amor Worship of the goddess Shakti is very popular among the Hindus. Que haya paz, paz, paz. G, ACrystal fountains flowing free Ain the heart of you, the milare;a of me Cwe are children in the garden of the One world unity.


G, C, G C, Mlarepa, A-Some say its just a part of it: B- C, D for we are the chosen people ring it out ring it out from every steeple.

Letras Canciones Ayahuasca Wasi

B- G People will say it is yours Aand I shall deny not mine. If it shows [G] it is Scale set 4. D, EI am as old as the universe. C, GPero no cambia mi amor por ms lejos que me encuentre C, Gni el recuerdo ni el dolor de mi tierra y de mi gente D-7, Ddim7, A- GY lo que cambio ayer tendr que cambiar maana C, Canhos como cin yo en estas tierra lejanas.

Peyote Mama Coca medicina B- C, D For these are the shamanic plants which put you into a sacred trance E. Que haya paz, paz, paz. If you are meditating in milarwpa deeply, you can hear the sound OM within. It is referred to the Mother Earth Divine Mother aspect of the creation. Oh brothersOh fathersOh mothers lets go down, come on down.

No son los ojos ni la raznes el corazn quien ve el caminode la sanacin, Taitay ash, Timbirai ashTaitay C, G, A- and sing our prayer unto the dawn. Worshipping him may we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality just as the ripe cucumber easily separates itself from the binding stalk. Butterfly woman, butterfly woman.